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Tibetan Astrology Readings

Since 1987

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You can receive a reading of Tibetan Astrology for your birth date. Send your question to e-mail me

How to pose a question: Include your gender and birth date. For a relationship question, include and the sex and birth date of any other person. Ask me for a report for yourself for any particular year, or ask a love or other relationship question. For example,

Wheel of LifeSeveral types of Tibetan divination rely on the sky or birds. Astrology is the most elaborate of these; it is a part of traditional medical practice. The universe mirrors the human body, a macrocosm of the same patterns and forces.

Tibetan astrologers practice both the Indian/Greek/Persian sidereal astrology, mapping the passage of the sun through constellations of stars, and Central Asian lunar astrology (best known in its Chinese version). The Chinese system is known as dark, and the Indian as light. This web site offers advice based on lunar astrology, including the sixty-year cycle of animals and elements, the dates of the lunar month and the days of the week, based on the yearly calendar of the Tibetan government in exile.

The great synthesis of astrology for Tibetans is based on the Kalachakra ("Cycles of Time") Tantra, an enormous and relatively late (tenth century) tantric treatise that also contains microcosmic and macrocosmic "supreme yoga" instructions for meditation, and the revelation of the kings of Shambhala, probably located in present-day northern Afghanistan, who will defeat materialists in an apocalyptic battle.

Everyone is age one ("in their first year") when born, turns "two" at the first new year, and so forth. Everyone's birth day falls at New Year. New Year's Day for the male water-sheep year was pre-dawn of Monday, March 3, 2003.

Learn more about Tibetan astrology. Use these books, articles and links:

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