July 22

-First of all, as you've probably observed, have not done much of anything in a while...
-Added a new chapter of the Heavyside Layer series to the fanfiction section.

April 7

-Used Rumplediva's additions to the "You Know You're a Crazy Cats Fan When..." section

April 6

-added Susie's site to the Cats links

March 27

-added Jellicity's site to Links
-added fanfiction by Becky Lakey

March 6

-added art by Trifika

March 2

-added my Phantom site

February 25

-added more of my fanart

February 19

-added new fanfiction by me

February 10

added site to 'Just for Fans'

February 5

Added new fic by JestaAriadne.

February 3

Added Thespia's site to the links section.

January 31

Changed site layout.

January 12

-Added new fanfiction by JestaAriadne.
-Also added her site to the links section.
-Developed new system for submitting stuff to Rina's Repose; you'll find it in every section it's possible to submit something to! :)

December 31

-Added Oriana's Moonlit Playground to the links section.

December 27

-Got a bunch of rifraff of my site.

October 17

-Put up a link to 'Through the Eyes of a Jellicle Cat.'
-Put up some of Triskell's art on the fanart section!! take a look, it's worth it.

October 7

-Ha! You thought I was actually going to update, didn't you. Silly, silly KLONKS... Is that a word? Anyway, I feel like saying stuff. I think watching bad Disney channel movies (not the cartoon ones, the ones that are 'original' and therefore so bad that the REAL Disney is not sponsoring them) is addling my brains.
-I got some more awards. They are on my site now. Technically, then, I *did* update.

October 4

-Added some links to the links section.

September 30

-Added BombyKitty's site to the links section.
-Am gonna put more of my fanart up, as soon as I find that zip disk... *grr*

September 29

-Added Marzi's site to the links page.

September 23

-There is now a recent picture of me in the About Me section for you to feast your eyes upon.
-Made a Phantom of the Opera site (kind of ;)
-Added more fanart

September 16

-Added Tallulah's Jellicle Ball to the links section.

September 7

-Put up an award from Molly (thank you!)
-Put up a link to Molly's Jellicle Ball

September 2

-Added some more fanart by Erikonil to the fanart section.
-Added a new fanfiction by me to the Rina's Fanfiction section.

September 1

-Added more fanart to the Rina Art section (as usual)
-Am about to add more of Trifika's fanfiction to the, um, fanfiction section.

August 29

-Added Erikonil's and Idiosylph's sites to the links section
-Took a bunch of stuff off the My fanart page

August 27

-Added Erikonil's art to the fanart section. Check it out, I love it!

August 25

-Added Idiosylph's site to the links section
-Put new support banners up under webrings and such
-Added new fanart to my fanart page

August 21

-Updated the my fanart page.
-Decided to put the word 'new' in italics beside each- you guessed it- new thing on my page.

August 18

-Updated the my fanart page.
-Updated the 'Favorite Yet Irrelevant' section in the front page.

August 16

-Made an 'Asparaholics Anonymous' page.
-I did something yesterday, but I can't remember.

August 13

-Seperated my fanart/fiction from everyone else's.
-Changed the intro.

August 7

-Put up more of my fanart
-Added new Macavity's Lair RPG!

August 6

-Added CatAnna's Jellicle Jungle, Bombalurina's Cats Stuff, and Alyzria's Alcove to the links section.
-Added more of my fanart.

August 6

-Was overjoyed to find that Angelfire let me into my account.
-Plan to actually do something when I have more than 5 minutes to spare.

July 21

-Ok, so I lied. I said I wouldn't update.
-Put up some of my fanfiction
-Put up Etcetera's Litter Box in the links section
-Put up a chat room! (I'm too lazy to link to it, it's in the 'Interactive' section)

July 18 -Added some of my fanart and fanfiction
-Am working on a bloopers list
-Am trying to think of other things I have done to update

July 15

-Added some of Demeter Christine's art
-Added an awards page

July 14

-Put up some of Sachmet's and Ahdeya's fanart (thanks for letting me use it, Ahdeya and Sachmet!
-Put up a link to Sachmet's site and Musicals.net Cats forum in the link section
-The boardroom and RPG are now seperate

July 12

-Put up more of my fanart
-Put up some of Trifika's fanfiction - more to come!
-Finished HTMLing Notorious Duo
-Put up Awards section
-Made banners for Linking to Me section
-Noticed that there are some entries in the guestbook that haven't been there for months- thanks, everyone who signed!
-Added Pieville, Trifka's Moonlight Cafe, and Cassandra and Tugger's Hideaway to the links section

Things you should expect to see on this site