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Bunny's World

Bunny's World

This webpage is in memory of Moo, a little bunny with a huge heart. Moo was with our family from August 1997 until April 2000. She changed all our lives. In September 1999, Moo developed some problems with her back end. She was not totally paralyzed, and soon learned to motor around the house again. Moo became even more of a sweetheart than before. She was constantly looking for head noogies. Her positive outlook in the face of adversity was a inspiration to the whole family. Then in April Mooster had a relapse, leaving her hind legs almost completely useless. She could no longer even sit up without help. After an unsuccessful round of treatment, we made the difficult choice to put Moo down. She was a trouper right to the end, making our lives so much happier. Moo, we love you.

Moo's Many Friends

More about Moo

Moo was an angel of a bunny right from when we got her as a baby. She used to follow me around my apartment like a little puppy. More than once Moo nearly get trampled because of her tendancy to get under your feet. What we remember most about Moo, besides her sweet nature, was her overwhelming appetite. She could eat like no other, and had a wide variety of favorite foods. Things like chocolate, ice cream, petunias, dried and raw fruit, brocolli slaw and licorice where just some of foods she would lose her manners for. Se had been known, on occasion, to jump up on the sofa and steal the food right out of your hands! And contrary to popular belief, not all rabbits are true herbivores. I once dropped a beef tortillini pasta on the floor, and Moo ate the whole thing before I could bend down to pick it up. We will never forget you, Princess Moo.

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