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What Color Is Your Parachute?: Your Guide to a Lifetime of
Meaningful Work and Career Success Paperback
December 27, 2022


2023 Franchise 500 Ranking - Entrepreneur

Becoming A CEO: A Step-by-Step Guide
By No author or date - Industry Leaders

How to Become a CEO:
Make a Real Difference in the World

By No author or date - Industry leaders

The World’s Best Venture Capital Investors In 2023
(September 2023) Forbes

Glossary of Funding Types
By No Author (October 2023) Crunchbase

Glossary of Investor Types
By No Author (October 2023) Crunchbase

Want to Double the Chance of Getting a
Response to Your Email? Make It Shorter

By JESSICA STILLMAN (September 2023) Inc

How to Shine When You’re Put on the Spot
By Matt Abrahams (September 2023) HBR

Do You Have A Good Coaching Culture?
By Wendy Leshgold and Lisa McCarthy
(September 2023) Chief Executive

How To Start A Business In 11 Steps
By Kathy Haan (2023) Forbes Guide

Leap to Leader: Make Yourself Heard
By Adam Bryant (July 2023) Strategy Business

The Best Way to Name a New Product
By No Author (February 2023) HBR

In The New World Of Work, Create
The Flexibility That Suits Your Business

By Leigh Chaban and Ash Athawale
(November 2022) Chief Executive

Younger Workers Want Training,
Flexibility, and Transparency

By Bhushan Sethi, Peter Brown, and Yalin Zhao
(October 2022) Strategy Business

How to Navigate Conflict with a Coworker
By Amy Gallo (September 2022) HBR

Diversity And Inclusion
A Seat at the Table Is Not Enough

By No Author (July 24 2022) HBR

Capital Gains Tax 101: Basic Rules
Investors and Others Need to Know

By Orla O'Connor (July 18 2022) Kiplingers

Changing The Leadership Status Quo
In Corporate America

By John Harpole and Cathy Anterasian
(July 8 2022) Chief Executive

27 Most Common Job Interview Questions and Answers
By Jeff Haden (June 2022) Inc

How to Sell Your Ideas up the Chain of Command
By Ethan Burris (January 12 2022) HBR

The World's Most Powerful Women 2021
By No Author (December 7 2021) INC

Student Loan Forgiveness Changes:
Who Qualifies, And How To Apply

By Adam S. Minsky (October 6 2021) Forbes

Glossary of Funding Types
By no author (October 3 2021) Crunchbase

Series A, B, C Funding: How It Works
By Nathan Reiff (2021) Investopedia


2021 Female Founders 100
By No Author (October 1 2021) INC

10 Principles Of Strategic Leadership
By Jessica Leitch, David Lancefield, and Mark Dawson
(No Date) Strategy Business

Running Effective Meetings
How Do I Start and Host a Meeting?

By No Author (August 2021) Mindtools

This Is The Trap Question In A Salary Negotiation
By Sibile Marcellus (April 15 2021) Yahoo

U.S. Department Of Justice Opens Inquiry Into
Google's Cookie Ban

By Anna Domanska (March 21 2021) Industry Leaders

COVID-19 Is Reversing Progress On The Road To
Equality For Women In Work

By Larice Stielow (March 8 2021) Strategy Business

The Forgotten Dimension Of Diversity
By Paul Ingram (February 2021) HBR

Get Rid Of Your Money Anxiety In 2021
By Brandon Copeland (January 22 2021) Kiplingers

These States Will Raise Their Minimum Wage Starting Tomorrow
By Samantha McDonald (December 31 2020) Foot Wear News

Adopting To The World Of Virtual Selling
By Jake Miller (December 14 2020) Sales & Marketing Management

Leaders Need To Get Comfortable Asking For Help
By Brian Burner (December 4 2020) Chief Executive

Get Ready For The Post Cookie World
By Vickie Huff Eckert (December 2 2020) Strategy Business

Unfiltered Leadership In Times Of Crisis
By Paul Leinberger (October 27 2020) Chief Executive

The FAFSA Opens Today For 2021-22. Here's What You Need To Know
By Brianna McGurran (October 1 2020) Forbes

Sustaining Productivity In A Virtual World
By Nele Van Buggenhout, Soraya Murat, and Tom de Sousa
(August 24 2020) Strategy Business

If The Senate Doesn't Bail Out The Childcare Industry,
Economists See Women Leaving The Workforce En Masse

By Marguerite Ward (August 2 2020) Business Insider

Small Business Forgivable Loans
Paycheck Protection Program

Techcrunch 400 Active Venture Capital Firms (pre-seed / early stage)
updated on July 27, 2020 (scoll down)

How To Develop A Mentoring Team
By Ruth Gotian (July 6 2020) Forbes

What Are The Do's And Dont's Of Starting A Business
By Anna Domanska (July 1 2020) Industry Leader

What's Your Negotiation Strategy
By Jonathan Hughs and Danny Ertel (July 1 2020) HBR

Inc.'s Essential Business Survival Guide for the Covid-19 Crisis
By Inc Staff (April 11 2020) Inc

Seven Key Actions Business Can Take To Mitigate The Effects Of COVID-19
By Melanie Butler and Kristin Rivera (March 6 2020) Strategy Business

Diversity Is Pointless Without Balanced Conversations
By Debrah Lee Charatan (February 5 2020) Chief Executive

Google Kills the Cookie, Leaving Digital Media Companies Craving a New Way Forward
By Ronan Sheilds (January 17 2020) Adweek

These 21 States Are Raising Their Minimum Wage For 2020
By Ben Werschkul (January 2020) Yahoo

Key Consideration Before Applying For Your Next Job
By Denitsa Tsekova (October 2019) Yahoo

Berkshire Hathaway: All 47 Buffett Stocks
By Dan Burrows (August 2019) Kiplingers

Google Says Killing The Cookie Has Consequences
By Garett Sloane (August 2019) AdAge

When Kids Make Money At Summer Jobs, Who Files Their Taxes?
By Bill Bischoff (July 2019) MarketWatch

How To Prove You Can Do The Job, Even Without Direct Experience
By Dawn Graham (October 16 2018) Forbes

2020 Best And Worst States For Business
(2020) Cheif Executive

Diversity And Authenticity
By Kathherine Phillips, Tracy Dumas and Nancy Rothbard (April 2018) HBR

The 2020 Midas List: The Worlds Top 100 Venture Capitalists
(April 2020) Forbes

2019 Individual Tax Return Checklist
Small Business Taxes

How To Design An Agenda For An Effective Meeting
By Roger Schwarz (March 2018) H.B.R.

Why CEOs Need To Stop Talking To Start Leading
By Rebecca Teasdale (March 2018) Cheif Executive

How Great Leaders Motivate People
By Anna Domanska (February 2018) Industry Leaders

3 Brilliant Ways To Win A Price Negotiation
By Geoffrey James (March 2018) Inc

CEO List - Top 1000
(February 2018) Cheif Executive

30 Women In Venture Capital To Watch In 2018
By Zoe Bernard (February 2018) Business Insider

Warren Buffett Says This 1 Simple Habit
Separates Successful People From Everyone Else

By Marcel Schwantes (February 2018) Inc Magazine

20 Tips For Mastering The Art Of Public Speaking
By Brent Gleason (November 2017) Inc Magazine

WTF Is A Funding Round
By Katie Roof (2017) Techcrunch

How To Announce A Funding Round
By Tiffany Spencer (2017) Techcrunch

Announcing The 2017 Update
To The Crunchbase Women In Venture Report

By Gene Teare and Ned Desmond (2017) Techcrunch

Fast Track Your Way To CEO Position
By Kate Purmal (2016) Cheif Executive

How To Cold Call A Big Customer
By Venuri Siriwardane (No Date) Inc

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