R f h Pgrm
STEP 1. Stand.Touch ur forehead and say ZAH.
STEP 2. Touch ur left breast and say ONDOH.
STEP 3. Touch ur right shoulder and say MIH.
STEP 4. Touch ur left shoulder and say BUZD.
STEP 5. Touch both hands together on ur right breast and say PAID.
STEP 6. Turn to the East,trace a yellow pentagram of Air before u and say EXARP.
STEP 7. Turn to the South,trace a red Pentagram of Fire before u and say BITOM.
STEP 8. Turn to the West,trace a blue Pentagram of Water before u and say HKOMA.
STEP 9. Turn to the North and trace a black Pentagram of earth before u and say NANTA.
STEP 10. Face the North,extend ur arms outward to form a cross and say:
Before me IKZHIKAL.
Behind me EDLPRNAA
On my right BATAIVAH
On my left BAAGIOSL
Behold,the four flaming pentagrams
And I alone in the midst.

Pentagrams for Invoking and Banishing
R f h Hxgrm
At the beginning of a ritual,this is used to invoke the planetory forces of the Watchtowers and is often used in conjunction with the pentagram ritual above.
At the end of a Ritual,it is used to banish these forces,and to sever psycho-magnetic links that may have been established.
Study each element before attemping this ritual,The four Holy Names at the end of this ritual should b vibrated as described here.
STEP 1.Stand with feet together,left arm down at ur side,and right arm out before u.
STEP 2. Turn to the East and say IVITDT(Ee-vee-teh-deh-teh)
while tracing the yellow Hexagram of Air before u.
Hexagram of Air
Vibrate each letter of the formula while tracing a corresponding of the Hexagram and say:
Behold,the Burning Flames of Truth
that consume Sorrow,Sin,and Death
STEP 3. Turn to the South and say ZTZTZT (zeh-teh-zeh-teh-zeh-teh)
while tracing the red Hexagram of Fire before u.
Hexagram of Fire
Vibrate each letter of the formula while tracing a corresponding side of the Hexagram and say:
Behold,the Way of Love
is to sacrifice All into the Cup
STEP 4. Turn to the West and say IVITDT,
in the same manner as in STEP 2,
but trace the blue Hexagram of Water.
Hexagram of Water
STEP 5. Turn to the North and say ZTZTZT
in the same manner as in STEP 3,
but trace the black Hexagram of Earth.
Hexagram of Earth
STEP 6. Extend ur arms outward in the form of a cross and say:
Above me and below me,
My Magickal Universe,
And behold,I alone
In the midst.

Hw vbr h Nm f Pwr

The Enochian Names of power should be spoken aloud using the proper pronunciation of each letter.
The proper procedure is to vibrate the names as follows:
STEP 1. Give the sign of the rending of the veil(GIVEN BELOW),
visualize ur body as being completly empty.
STEP 2. breath in deeply.Imagine the Name entering into ur empty body with the breath.
STEP 3. Let the name descend through ur empty body until it settles at ur feet.
STEP 4. Draw back ur hands to the sides of ur eyes and then lean forward.
As u lean forward,shoot ur arms outward in front of u and see the Name rushing upward while u exhale.
STEP 5. While speaking the Name aloud,see the name leave ur body and thunder outward into the far corners of the universe.
Let it vibrate throughout the Magickal Universe.
Your mind should b one pointed and fully focused on the Name.
STEP 6. Withdraw ur left foot and stand up straight.
Know that an occult link has been formed between urself and the deity whose name u have vibrated.

The Sign of the Rending of the Veil
Stand facing forward with both arms outstretched in front of u.
Turn ur palms down---fingers together.
Your hands should b a foot apart.
Now take one slow step forward.
This posture signifies forcing urself through a barrier into the region beyond.
The Sign of the Closing of the Veil
Stand facing forward with feet together with feet together.
Stretch both arms out in front of u with palms facing inward,fingers together.
Bring ur hands slowly together until the palms touch.
This posture signifies forcing urself out of an area and reclosing the barrier behind you.
How to pronounce Enochian

Most consonants are followed by 'eh' (B is Beh, D is Deh).
Most vowels are followed by 'h' (A is Ah, O is Oh).
In general, each letter forms a syllable.
The letters Y and I are interchangeable, as also are V and U, and S and Z.
Z is pronounced zod ('zoad' or 'zode') or 'zeh.'
S is pronounced either 'ess' or 'seh.'
R can be either 'reh,' 'rah,' or 'ar.'
I is pronounced 'ee'
(TI is Teh-ee or simply Tee).