PRESTWICH, Lancashire (Greater Manchester) UK

last updated 18 September 2010

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This web site is primarily concerned with the history of Prestwich, including family history information. It's main purpose is to record information as I come across it.

It is not meant to be a definitive 'History of Prestwich'.

The site is divided up into 'sections' in an attempt to make it easier for the vistor to navigate. Below you will find a list of the site sections to the left of the screen, and a brief introduction to Prestwich on the right. Each section has it's own index detailing what that section covers. Visitors are invited to send comments or additional material to the me at the e-mail address which can be found at the bottom of each page.


Prestwich, a brief introduction

Prestwich is a small town approximately 4 miles north of Manchester (see map).

In Roman times nothing is known about Prestwich except that the Roman Road north from Manchester to Ribchester ran through the centre of what was to become Prestwich, following approximately the line of Bury New Road.

It's history can be traced back at least to Saxon times, the name Prestwich in Saxon meaning a 'Priest's dwelling or Retreat' and this suggests that they might have built a church in Prestwich.

In 1974, with local government reorganisation, Prestwich became part of Bury Metropolitan Borough, within the County of Greater Manchester.







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