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Slides By Buzz and Helen
Mauds Landing Maud's landing as it was before being destroyed by a modern resort to create jobs, give the local Aboriginals an income, boost local trade, have a housing complex scheme, non of which will affect the environment, the opposite in fact, it will improve what the wonder of nature could not and will result in the environment being better off.  WELL THAT'S WHAT THEY CLAIM.
Korean Star This section of coast is very rough. This shows the Korean Star which ran aground and broke up into 3 pieces
Sheba Hill Sheba runs down Hill to play with Ben. These are still images, once they all load they appear to animate as a movie.
Seabird Seabird near Perth in Panoramic view
North Panoramic View of the Kimberly's  in MOV format
Seabird As above in MOV format


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