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Angelina Jolie on Her Family

early pic of parents- Marcheline Bertrand/Jon Voight

I remember them telling me that now their bond would always be because they had two children and they loved each other for that.

(her mother) she's a very nurturing person, a real 'mom.'

It wasn't a family with an actor who was doing million-dollar movies. Sometimes as an actor you work and make money, or you don't work and don't make any money. But we were never lacking in anything.

With every divorced family there are things. They're gonna by your parent, but you're easy for them to accept as a friend. And you have issues, and they need to be forgiven for things and you do, and you need to come back together and really go through.

---from Jon Voight to Angelina_-You don't remember it, but when you emerged from your mother's womb, I picked you up, held you in my hand, and looked at your face. You had your finger by the side of your cheek and you looked very, very wise, like my best old friend. I started to tell you how your mom and I were so happy to finally have you here, and that we were going to take great care of you and watch for all those signs of who you were and how we could help you achieve all that wonderful potential God gave you. Your more and I made that pledge and everyone in the room started crying. But we weren't crying; we were rapt in each other's gaze.... I'm delighted to have had these (twenty-two) years between then and now to watch you grow. I've always wondered about all the energy you've always had, how it was going to find a home, end what you would do with it. And from the beginning, there were signals along the way. I remember you had a distinctly original approach to an early role you played, a role that was meant for a man - Mr. Wagner in Room Service.

Angelina Jolie and Father

---from Angelina to her father-- Neither you or Mom ever said, "Be quiet! Stop talking!" I remember you looking me in the eye and asking, "What are you thinking? What are you feeling'?" That's what I do in my job now - I say, "OK, how do I feel about this?" And I immediately know, because that's how I grew up... I remember when I used to dress all in black and you'd say, "Just be pretty, hold your head up, be proud. Be a pleasant person and don't cover yourself so much with all your darkness, your need to be a little crazy."

He was the perfect example of an artist who couldn't be married. He had the perfect family, but there's something for him that's very scary about that.

I love my father, but I'm not him.

When I decided to become an actress, he didn't force me, he knew I wanted to do it on my own. I dropped my name because it was imported that I was my own person. But now it's great because we can talk on a level few people can talk to their parents on. Not only can we talk about our work, but our work is about our emotions, our lives, the games we play, what goes through our heads.

(Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress)They showed a clip of my dad running on the beach, and every time I see that I just fall apart. I have no idea why. He was just happy and silly and free, not weighed down by the stuff going on in the world...the things he needed to take care of. That's the ideal moment for the person you love to be in, and when it's taken away...that's the worst thing in the world.

Angelina Jolie and Father

God, my earliest memories are of my brother, Jamie pointing the home video camera at me and saying, "C'mon, Ange, give US a show" .

(he took her to the hospital when she cut her hand on a set.) Jamie was just great. I saw how he would be as a dad or a husband. He was so cool under pressure - held my other hand and got me a lollipop and kept making jokes. I said, "So, how do you like your first day in New York with your sister?" He said, "Well, you're never dull."

(Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress)my brother just told me that he loved me.... I am so in love with my brother right now. Jamie...I'm nothing without you

The funny thing about this rumor with my brother,is that if I was, in fact, doing that? I'd say it. Everybody knows that about me!

I've talked to my brother, and as long as he's not upset... And he's not. He feels that if it brings up issues about brothers and sisters... Well, he's focused on the other things in life. What people think of us? Yeah, it hurts, but love can make people uncomfortable and love can make people upset. So what are the other rumors?

--from brother James Haven- Haven is hoping that his sister and Thornton will surprise them. "I'm totally elated for them," says Haven. "If Angie is happy, I'm happy. But marriage is special. I believe it's forever. Billy Bob's been married a lot, and my sister has been married once. So I want to say 'Prove me right, guys. Make the happiness stay.'"

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