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Mouse Art
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Mouse Art

by Mike a midwest farm boy

This file takes a while to open, so go mow the yard, wash the car ,take a shower, walk the dog, or

just relax, but please hang with me. OK?

Let's talk

How about Mouse Art? Did I coin a new phrase? There must be lots of you non-

professionals out there who draw with a mouse. What do you call it ? Contact me, we

could add several artists to this page and make it a real gallery. All comments are ap-

preciated, especially from the artistic community. I started this in about "92" , when

MS paint brush became available , with no real purpose. Most of these pictures are

made for a ribbon printer, with the colors light, so as not to show printer lines.

When I up graded my computer I also got a scanner, and pretty much ignored the

Mouse Art, since there where so many avenues to explore. (the web didn't help)

Anyway since I decided to build this second web page, ( MY first is mflo Photo

Hobbies ) Mouse Art is in the lime light again. Come on all you Mouse Artists, send

an E- mail to me at mflo@ncn,net.

I should thank for the neat graphics on this page. Way beyond me.Do

you see a style in my work, I don't. I'm not satisfied with most of it and only accept the

rest. Does that make me an artist? Well, here goes - - - - - - -

British BannersBritish Banners


Lets take a break - - - - Have you figured out yet that I was a pig farmer with a dalmation dog ? His

name is Dice. Do like the last drawing said and stop and smell the Roses. I didn't for years, and paid the price with a stroke

at the young age of fifty two. It was not debilitating, but I had to change careers and slow down.Stop and smell the Roses.

For non-computer Geeks - - - - -that think Der Slickmister type of addminestation should go in 2000 CLICK HERES - - - and those of you not happy with our donothing congress click here


and get out and VOTE. We can't let a small percentage of voters run the country because we're to lazy to vote.

Enough already - - -

Let continue with some non-pig, non-dog Mouse Art - - - - - - - - - - - - - Add Me! AAA Matilda United States

I have recently found that this is called digital art,I like

Mouse Art better, how about you ?

Since you made it this far, why not go here?

Contact Information

730 N. White Fox Road, Webster City, Iowa, 50595

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