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Greetings go out to, Jimmy, DJ Eary, Nothin to proove Kru, T-Rex, Jade, Lisa, Jack, Clare (Jack's bird), Jamie, Michelle, Chris, David, The Hype, Drea, Spike, My Kru, the "Have It Large" Kamikazi Set, the "66" Girl and pretty much everyone I know!!! (Note: These greetings will be updated if people are nice enough to me!)

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Site best view 600x800, Soon to come:
UK Underground Garage website! but for now....
Move along, nothing to see here!

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Eminem Network

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The last link (Pupil Line) "the only emag..... for us by us... with fun, freebies and features". It has advice on Bullying, Pregnancy, Football, Back to school and a whole load of stuff. So if u need help or know someone who does - please visit Pupil Line And even if you dont need help - go to it, it's a great site!

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