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Our Beloved Children


We'll help you
We cannot ease your
aches, nor take
away your pain,
but let us stay
and take your hand
And walk with
you today

We'll listen when
you need to talk;
We'll wipe away
your tears
We'll share your worries
when they come;
We'll help you
face your fears.

We're here and
will stand by you,
Each hill you
have to climb,
So take our hands,
let's face the world;
Live one day
at a time.

You're not alone,
for we are here,
We'll go that
extra mile,
And when your
life is easier,
We'll help you
learn to smile!!

(author unknown)

Most parents expect
to outlive their children,
so when the child dies first,
(regardless of whether
it is a baby, a child,
a teenager or an adult),
they struggle to
make sense out
of something
that defies logic.
They may feel
bewildered and alone,
and they may
struggle to survive.

The Grieving Parents
[GP] e-mail support
group was created
for parents whose
children have died.
It is intended to
be a safe place
where parents can
discuss the lives and
deaths of their children
with other parents who
are also grieving.
It is also intended
to be a place
where mothers and fathers
can freely share their
experiences and feelings
in a supportive atmosphere.

If you wish to subscribe,
please use this link:

Grieving Parents

Due to the participation of several
grandmothers, we decided to add a
sister group, Grieving Grandparents.
If you wish to subscribe,
please use this link:

Grieving GrandParents

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