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Fire and Love:

A Sailor Venus and Mars Site

"Hey! Mina here, I'd like to be the first to introduce you to my site"

"Your site? excuse me, but the title seems to say a Venus AND Mars site, quit being such an attention hog."

"Fine, have it your way Raye, I was just helping. So what do WE do first?"

"Check out the places to go"

Places to go




Sailor Scouts

The temple

Sports Page

The closet

The Kitchen

Sailor V!

Manga Section

Quote Pages


Meet our site Mascots before you leave

Hey, come again sometime, this place is under heavy construction. As you can see, some page links aren't up yet, but will be in the future. The pages that are up aren't finished yet either.

email Me at

Meet Hikari, isn't he cute? I adopted him from The Pet Shop. He's rather shy, but once you get to know him he's really sweet. I named him after Hikari from Magic Knight RayEarth.

The graphics on the site are free for all to take. If you want to link to this site, we'd be greatly honored, but you aren't required to do it. Some of the pics on this site are common, others rare, feel free to use all! =) I'm part of the "share the graphics" campaign. Click on the picture to link and find out what it's all about, hopefully more site owners will feel the same way.

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