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CV NOTES: Béla SZAKÁTS, ethnic Hungarian, Baptist, born in Oradea/Hung.: Nagyvárad/Germ.: Großwardein/ (North-West Romania) on September 26, 1945. After graduating high school in his native town, he continued his studies in Bucharest at the Faculty of Physics (nuclear physics section - high energies/particle physics subsection). Successful state exam in 1968. Research work with the Institute for Atomic Physics (in Măgurele, near Bucharest), and Institute for Nuclear Power Reactors until 1980. Senior research worker with the National Institute of Metrology until 1994. Living in Bucharest since 1963, he worships with Lutheran and Reformed. His present research field in physics: use of fundamental physical constants in metrology. PhD in physics and engineering from the Bucharest "Politehnica" University. Hobbies: philosophy, computer programming, music, swimming, languages.


Dr. Karl PHILBERTH: Created for Freedom (into Hungarian)

Dr. Karl PHILBERTH: Created for Freedom (into Romanian)

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