Kirk Hardesty

Kirk lives out in the Alabama backwoods with his wife and partner, Jerri, and too many dogs, cats and birds.

He has been writing poetry and fiction for over 20 years but only recently has been willing to submit his work for publication. So far he has been published in The Aurorian and Penny Dreadfull, as well as Alternative Harmonies. He has just published a book of Slam Poetry with Jerri, Two Slam Too.

He has been performing Slam Poetry for two years and is on the Montevallo 2000 Slam Team which will be competing in the Southern Fried Regional Poetry Fest in Americas, Ga. He is also the alternate for the Birmingham 2000 Slam Team for nationl competition this year.


My Dance

So I dance
To a slightly different beat
On a very different drum,
My rhythm is deep
And sometimes hard to hear
But it's easy
And it moves me
Even in silence.

I didn't learn this step
At the sock hop
Or junior prom
But on a path
That leads past gurgling creek moats
Between pine towers
And into a clearing
Where the moon sings.

I just can't seem to catch
That neon bright
Fast frame 
Crest of the wave beat,
But I don't mind
Because if my motion is pleasant to the
And I can meet his gaze
When my time comes,
Who are you to tell me 
How to dance?