Final Fantasy VII

1.  Where do you get the "Curse Ring" from?

A.  Midgar	B.Steal it from Jenova	C.  Mideel	D.  Great Glacier

2.  Where is the ribbon found that isn't at the Temple of Ancients?

A.  Midgar	B.  Great Glacier	C.  Temple of Ancients	D.  Gaea's Cliff

3.  What materia do you get from the Leviatian Scales?

A.  Ultima		B.  Steal As Well	C.  Comet		D.  Sense 2

4.  Who is Nanaki's father?

A.  Bugenhagen	B.  Feshenigill	C.  Seto		D.  Hojo

5.  Who is Sephiroth's Mother?

A.  Luciera	B.  Jenova	C.  Tifa		D.  Aeris

6.  What boss do you fight in Mt. Nibel?

A.  Lost Number	B.  Materia Keeper	      C.  Demon's Gate	D.  Holy Diver 

7.  How much EXP do you get from the first boss in the reactor on Disk 1?

A.  250 EXP	B.  100 EXP	C.  10 AP		D.  110 EXP

8.  What attack does Sephiroth do that always no matter what leaves you with 1 HP?

A.  Super Nova	B.  Fall Angel	C.  Fall Berg	D.  He summons Bahamut

9.  What can you morph in the Crater to get a Ribbon?
A.  Tonberry	B.  Behemoth	C.  Master Tonberry		D.  Cactaur

10.  What is the most damage that Knights of The Round can deal?

A.  9999		B.  99999		C.  129987		D.  119988

11.  Which one of Cloud's weapons do you get from The Sleeping Forest?

A.  Apocolypse	B.  Ragnarok	C.  Highwind	D.  Omnislash

Person with a perfect score wins a High 5!!!!

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