From the Journal of Doctor P.L. Phillips

Saturday 1 April 1931 All Fools Day. My father often regarded this occasion as bad luck, and indeed falling so close on the heels of McNevin's disappearance I find it hard to count it any different. Never-the-less we set out to recover McNevin's body today at mid day, following his trail of clothes and foot prints. While we failed utterly at our intended task we discovered a ship three quarters encased in a glacier about 2 miles inland. The design is most curious. She bears a striking resemblance to an iron clad war ship or submersible yet she lacks deck house or keel. Darmody located a segment of decking that was partially dislodged and after some four hours labor we managed to remove it. With darkness upon us we set a flag and made back to camp with the hopes of exploring the interior of this mysterious ship tomorrow, weather permitting. Sunday 2 April 1931 After a brief service conducted by Horindge we set out for the ship. Curiosity is quite high as to how she came to rest so far inland, her nationality and what became of her crew. I hope to locate the ships log and resolve these questions.

This artifact and the journal pages were recovered during renovation of a wing of the Miskatonic University archives and are dated from late March to early April, 1931 of Dr. Phillips Antarctic Expidition.

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