~The Frost Fairys~
~by Tony Rice~

The frost fairies were so busy and so merry over their nutting frolic that they soon forgot
their errand and their king's command to go quickly; but, as they played and loitered in the
forest until noon, they found the reason why they were told to hasten; for although they
had, as they thought, hidden the treasure so carefully, they had not secured it from the
power of the Sun, who was an enemy of Jack Frost, and delighted to undo his work and
weaken him whenever he could...

~Inspired by The Frost Fairies written by Margaret T. Canby

~This is another of my 'Paintings" created in a shadow box with OOAK figures and mixed media
that depicts a scene from the Realm of the Bright Folk. The frame contains four fully sculpted figures
ranging from approximately 11 inches tall to the smaller 4 inches fairys. All are sculpted in premium
polymer clay and are painted and detailed using quality artists paints. The frame measures 12
inches wide by 14 inches tall and can by hung up of displayed sitting on a shelf or table.

Thanks for looking!