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Backstreet Galaxy 3001

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AJ! (clearing my throat)

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to youuuuu
Happy Big Twenty Twoooooo
Happy Birhtday to You

Welcome Humans to Your Future. Pretty isn't it? I would say so. Anyway since that makes no sense ignore it and enjoy the stories. They're for you. Isn't that nice of us? If you would like to add any please do. The more enterainment we can dig ourselves up, the less trouble we can get into. Not that i get in trouble...little old me...

And to save time let me do this here and now. None of the stories I write or host are true...they're fiction, fake, nadda, not real, imaginary, your smart though so you get the point. They're all for enterainment, and to express the thoughts our minds create on a day-to-day basics...

Brian Stories

Aj Stories

Kevin Stories

Nick Stories *Updated*

Howie Stories



Last Updated on Jan. 9, 2000