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Well, you have found our little home!

If you are anything like us you like to know when the updates
of stories are completed. We have created this abode so that you
only have to look one place for updates of continuing stories.

The Uber Abode: Story Updates
This area will give you the links to find the stories. This is updated daily or more depending on if stories have been updated. We will include no summaries of these stories, although we have linked to places that do have a summary or recommendation for them on the Stories Listing page.

The Uber Abode: Stories Listing
This page lists all of the stories that we are currently updating on this site.
A new page has been added to list the Lost or Removed stories from the Stories Listing page.

The web page home's where these stories are situated are available in the links page.

We have added a new section Talk to the Authors which gives details for when we have a sceduled meeting with the author of the month ... it also gives links to the transcribed meetings so those that cannot attand can read what we talked about.

Another new section is What's Ya Poison? where we list the fiction that we host on the site.

Bio's page, this is where you can find out more about the people who maintain the site.

Please make sure you read the disclaimers in each of the stories before comencing to read.......

Please enjoy and we hope you find this home useful..... If you have any questions, suggestions, and I better add it ... complaints ...... please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible....

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