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Here is my attempt at a site dedicated to one of the most diverse bands of all time...

Their first "big" hit - and still selling strong. With songs such as the ever popular "lean on me" , and "Jesus is still alright" as well as the melodic tunes of "Word 2 The Father" - you can't go wrong if Hip-Hop/Rap is to your liking.

Their album topped the Christian Record charts and stayed there all year. A sure winner by DC Talk, the album featuring the smash-hits "So Help me God" , "What if we Stumble?" and "Jesus Freak" .

This album is in transition between "Free at Last" and "SUPERNATURAL" - a must for any true DC Talk fan.

Their latest (and greatest) album.
Featuring songs like: "It's killing me", "Since I met You", and the poetical piece entitled "There is a Treason at Sea" - "SUPERNATURAL" is a triumph.
The band has evolved since their last hit "Jesus Freak", and has a new flavour. The boys have left behind their Rap/Hip-Hop days and have moved on to better things.


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