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Gina Lombardo #38

Gina Lombardo, #38 of the Florida Sun Dogs is more than a great skater. She is also a former Cream-style Corn wrestling champion! With a background like that, it is hard not to love her!

Thinking about Wrestling in Corn?

When I first heard the announcer say that Gina was a wrestling champion, I thought he said a "free-style wrestling champion." A few minutes later, when the info was repeated, I learned that she was, instead, a "creamed corn wrestling champion."

I am really not sure what would possess someone to wrestle in a big batch of corn. The money must have been good. That, I suppose, leads one to question why anyone would want to watch Creamed Corn wrestling. I suppose guys will pay to see women wrestle in just about anything.

After all, we know the woman-to-woman fights are one of the things that keep men tuning into to RollerJam!

Regardless, I am glad Gina is now skating. At least now, after a fight, she doesn't have to force gooey vegetables out of her nostrils!

The Sun Dogs

I know a lot of people out there are rooting for the Enforcers, but I am a Sun Dogs fan. I think they have a really fun team. Killer Cathy and the Barracuda are both great, just like Gina.

I am also excited to see what the skater on crutches (Megan) is like. The first time she is out there against Heather Gunnin should be very interesting!

The Sun Dogs also have Little Richard (even if he really isn't all that little around the middle). During the first RollerJam, he was said to be 41 years old. I have since found that he is 51 and used to skate in the old roller derbies. And he still has some great moves.

Go Dogs!

Impressive Athletes

Inline skating is tough to begin with. Imagine trying it in a crowd of people who were trying to smack you! I know some people think RollerJam is just acting. Sure, some of it planned for the sake of drama. But these people are great athletes, too. No one should insult them!



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