Pokemon and Their Counterparts
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Pokemon and Their Counterparts

Have u ever wondered what to evolve Eevee into? Which game has better pokemon Red or Blue? Well you can learn about that right here! Which version has better Pokemon? Red or Blue?

Below is a list if the Blue Pokemon and their Red version counterparts. Let's say these pokemon are at level 60. The pokemon that I think will win will be in bold. At the end I will tally the numbers and see which version has better pokemon!

Blue VS. Red

Sandshrew Vs. Ekans

Sandslash Vs. Arbok

Vulpix Vs. Growlithe

Ninetales Vs. Arcanine

Meowth Vs. Mankey

Persian Vs. Primeape

Bellsprout Vs. Oddish

Weepinbell Vs. Gloom

Victreebel Vs. Vileplume

Pinsir Vs. Scyther

Magmar Vs. Electabuzz



Winner: Blue!

The Three Legendary Birds

Right now I am going to tell you, in my opinion, which of the birds that I think is the strongest.

The Birds: Articuno Zapdos Moltres

Articuno: This is one very powerful bird. Its starting element move is Ice Beam which is the second strongest ice attack. Obviously when you get Articuno you won't have that much trouble in a fight. Articuno is also probably the best pokemon to use against Lance(the leader of the Elite Four). Also, if the three birds fought in a battle, Articuno would have a good chance of winiing with its ice attacks since the birds are of the flying type. At level 51, Articuno learns the strongest ice attack, Blizzard, making Articuno a tough competitor right from the start. Blizzard is an accurate attack for a 5pp move. Articuno's overall stats(attack,defense,etc), compared to the other birds, is 2nd best.

Zapdos: An electric pokemon. Zapdos is the first bird that you can get. His starting attack is Thundershock. Thundershock isn't really a strong attack. However, the attack Zapdos learns next is Thunder. Thunder is the strongest electric attack but it is inaccurate. Zapdos, however, has the Drill Peck attack from the start while Articuno and Moltres have just Peck. Also, if Zapdos battles the other birds, his electrical attacks will be very effective againt them. Zapdos's overall stats, compared to the birds, is the 3rd best.

Moltres: A fire pokemon with the best stats of all the birds. However, its starting element attack is Fire Spin which is almost useless unless you are using it against a pokemon vulnerable to fire. Unlike the other two birds, Moltres doesn't learn its strongest element attack. Infact, Moltres never lerns any fire attacks at all. If Moltres battled the other birds, Moltres's attacks will only have effect against Articuno, but Articuno's attacks are effective against Moltres. Overall, though Moltres has the best stats of all birds, he needs to be taught with good Tm's to be good.

Winner: Articuno

Eevee's Evolutions Ever wonder which of Eevee's evolved forms is better? Then wonder no more and read on!

What Eevee evolves into: Vaporeon Jolteon Flareon

Vaporeon: A water pokemon. This water pokemon could obviously wash away Flareon, but would be having a shocking experience against Jolteon. This pokemon is like every other water pokemon. It is pretty strong.

Jolteon: An electric pokemon. Could electrify Vaporeon easily, and Flareon doesn't have any advantage against this pokemon! With, the Pin Missile attack(strongest bug attack) that Jolteon has he is the only pokemon that can stand against psychic pokemon(psychic pokemon are weak against bug type attacks). The only other pokemon who has Pin Missile is Beedrill and since Beedrill is poison, Psychic Pokemon can easily wipe him out.

Flareon: A fire pokemon. It is weak against water pokemon. Flareon learns his good fire attacks at level 40(Fire Spin) and 54(Flamethrower). That is a high level so Flareon wouldn't be a good pokemon to fight with until level 40. Once, it has those attacks though, it is unstoppable.

Winner: Jolteon

The Best Starting Pokemon From Beginning to End

Starting Pokemon: Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle

Bulbasaur: A grass pokemon. This pokemon is good against the first 3 pokemon gyms. In all, Bulbasaur is good against 4 gym leaders: Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, and Giovanni. If you evolve Bulbasaur at level 16 into Ivysaur, Ivysaur will learn Razor Leaf at level 30. Razor Leaf is a VERY powerful grass attack. Learning an attack that powerful, at that level, is a big asset to Bulbasaur owners.

Charmander: A fire pokemon. This pokemon is good against 1 gym leader: Erika. That's it. At the start, Charmander is weak against the first two gym leaders. When starting, you have to depend on your first pokemon to pull you through those tough battles since you can catch only a limited amount of pokemon that early. Not a good starter but a great finisher. It learns the Slash attack, as a Charmeleon, at level 33. Slash is very strong. Then, as a Charizard, at level 46, it will learn Flamethrower. Flamethrower is super strong, like Razor Leaf. Once you have Flamethrower you will be unstoppable.

Squirtle: A water pokemon. Squirtle is good against three gym trainers: Brock, Blaine, and Giovanni. This pokemon learns a pretty strong attack at level 24, as a Wartortle. This attack is Bite. It may not be as strong as Slash or Razor Leaf, but it is still powerful. Then at level 42, as a Blastoise, it learns Skull Bash. One of the strongest Normal Type attacks. This pokemon has very high defense too.

Winner: Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle

Why are all of these pokemon winners? It's a tie. All of the pokemon, from beginning to end, turn out to be just as good as the other.

Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan?

In Saffrom City, there is a fighting dojo. When you beat the leader of it you have your choice of getting Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee. Which do u choose?

The prized fighting pokemon: Hitmonlee Hitmonchan

Hitmonlee: A true blue fighting pokemon. All of Hitmonlee's moves are either Normal or Fighting(except fore Meditate). Hitmonlee has the strongest fighting type move, Hi Jump Kick. Hitmonlee even has the regular Jump Kick. Hitmnlee also has the powerful Mega Kick. Mega Kick is so strong you can only use it five times. This pokemon is very strong.

Hitmonchan: A multi attack type pokemon. Hitmonchan's type of attacks are: normal, fire, ice , electric, and fighting. With all of thes types of attacks, Hitmonchan has effective attacks against many pokemon types! When Hitmonchan is at a high level, his Comet Punch is devastating. Hitmonchan is a great pokemon to have in your starting six pokemon.

Winner: Hitmonchan

Sorry Hitmonlee, but Hitmonchan punched his way to the winner's cirle and left u kicking in the dust. Well.. not really. Actually, this was one tough decision for me to make, but I still think Hitmonchan is better(even if he does look like a ballet dancer).

The Fossil Pokemon

Through out the game u will find fossils of pokemon: Old Amber which becomes Aerodactyl, Helix Fossil which becomes Omanyte, and Dome Fossil which becomes Kabuto. Which of those fossil pokemon is the strongest? I will compare Aerodactyl, Omastar(evolved Omanyte), and Kabutops(evolved kabuto).

The Fossil Pokemon: Omastar Kabutops Aerodactyl

Omastar: A rock/water pokemon. This pokemon has good defense against almost half of the pokemon types with its rock water combo. Though this pokemon looks wimpy compared to the other two, it's FAR from wimpy. It learns powerful attacks such as Spike Cannon and Hydro Pump. This is would be a great addition to a Pokemon Dream Team.

Kabutops: Also, a rock/water pokemon. Like Omastar, this pokemon has good defense against almost half of the pokemon types with its rock water combo. Kabutops looks very fierce and it IS fierce . With great attacks like Slash and Hydro Pump, it makes it tough to beat. You should try to teach this pokemon Mega Drain or Surf. Another great addition to a Dream Team. Of all the fossil pokemon, it has the best overall stats.

Aerodactyl: Unlike the other two, Aerodactyl is a Rock/Flying pokemon. It start off with the wimpy Wing Attack. Then it starts learning some better attacks like Bite. Then, it learns the Take Down! Finally it learns HYPER BEAM. Aerodactyl learns the best attacks of all the fossil pokemon. Another great addition to a Dream Team.

Winner: Kabutops Aerodactyl

It was a tough decision that ends in a tie. Aerodactyl has strong attacks, great combination types, and good stats. Kabutops has strong attacks, has the best of both types, and good stats, too.

The Kaz and Yas Gyms

The Kaz and Yas the two quarreling gyms in Dark City. Of course Ash, Misty, and Brock solve the problems between those two gyms. However, what if Ash and his friends never came? Who would've won? During the final battle, I saw what pokemon they used. I will compare who would've had the most wins in the fight.

Kaz's Pokemon: Electabuzz Kingler Raticate Rhydon Golem

Yas's Pokemon: Scyther Mankey Hitmonchan Hitmonlee Machoke

The winner will have its picture beside it

Kaz Vs. Yas

Electabuzz Vs. Scyther

In this match Electabuzz would win because Scyther is part flying and Electabuzz's electric attacks are super-effective against flying

Kingler Vs. Machoke

Kingler is a very powerful pokemon. His attack is very very high. It is even better than Pinsir's. With strong attacks like Crabhammer and Guillotine, the win goes to Kingler.

Raticate Vs. Hitmonlee

Hitmonlee's fighting type attacks are super efective against Raticate makin Raticate a sitting duck.

Rhydon Vs. Hitmonchan

Rhydon is a very strong pokemon but is very weak against fighting types. He is Rock so both Hitmonchan's Ice Punch and Counter attacks could knock Rhydon out.

Golem Vs. Mankey

I know Golem is rock and Mankey is fighting but Mankey has no fighting attacks except for Seismic Toss which is normal effective no matter what type it hits. Golem could easily crush Mankey with the powerful Earthquake.

Winner: Kaz Gym

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