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Academia Ning Amanung Sisuan, Int'l.
1930 SW 203rd Ave.
Beaverton, OR 97006

phone: (503) 642-1348

Kapampangan is one of the 8 major native languages in the Philippines. It is the language spoken in the area around Clark Field, and primarily in Pampanga and Tarlac. It is the language of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the hero, Ninoy Aquino. According to the University of Washington, there are around 3 million Pampangans or Pampanguenos (Kapampangan-speaking people, that is) in the world. These people were dubbed by the Spaniards during their 328 years of occupation as "the Castilians of the Islanders". They were were the ones that helped greatly in the unification of the various ethnic groups spread across the archipelago. Learning their language has been facilitated by the availability of this classic dictionary written by Don Ernesto C. Turla, Kapampangan poet laureate (2007), and a member of United Poets Laureate, International. To get to the dictionary itself (English to Kapampangan only), please click: or And for "Kapampangan in 12 Easy Lessons", click: See images at: The dictionary has been published in book form. It has two parts, namely, English to Kapampangan, and Kapampangan to English. The book can be ordered on-line ( for $23.95 plus postage and handling. ********************************************************************************* Note: Here is an old announcement from our local association here in Portland: The AGUMAN CAPAMPANGAN OF THE NORTHWEST had its third anniversary celebration on Saturday, June 26,1999 at St. Ignatius Catholic School Gym on S.E. Powell, cor. S.E. 43rd Ave. in Portland, Oregon. There was "live" music and "lutong Kapampangan" galore! The highlight of the event was the conferring of awards and plaques on officers who had meritorious accomplishments. We even had a "surprise" guest speaker in the person of cabalen John Susi, the host of the radio program "Susi Sa Balita", and who had been recently named "most outstanding radio announcer in the Philippines". With the profit made, we were able to raise funds that we can use when we launch another medical mission to the Philippines again next year. To the uninitiated, we're proud to say that, last December (1998), the Aguman, in collaboration with World Medical Relief, Inc., sent a mission that brought with it $65 thousand dollars worth of medical supplies to three puericulture centers in Pampanga! And to think that only a few out of countless Filipino organizations in the whole U.S. are able to send humanitarian aid like this, makes us soar with pride! No wonder, the Aguman garnered an award from the Asian Reporter Foundation and the Portland Filipino Community. Now, here is an upcoming event that you should mark in your calendar! There will be another PICNIC for all Pampangans in the Portland area on September 19. (By the way, the picnic we had at Cascade Locks where we honored the Little League Softball Players from the Philippines as guests was a success.) In this upcoming picnic, let us honor (albeit in absentia) our very own team too, the Guagua Softball Little League Team (14-16 year old girls) who won 2nd place in the World Series held in Kalamazoo, Michigan recently. For time and direction, please call Mrs. Frida Alejandrino at 531-9407. OFFICERS: President - DANILO E. DEL ROSARIO, 1st Vice President - LYDIA R. LALIC, 2nd Vice President - ELLEN M. RAMIREZ, Secretary - FRIDA ALEJANDRINO, Asst. Sec. - ZENY M. PACIS, Treasurer - ELIZABETH R. PALOMO, Asst. Treas. - ROSE DE JESUS, Auditor - ANGIE B. TURLA, P.R.O. - BERT OCAMPO (north), ART AGUILAR (south), SOL SUSI (east), GODY DIZON (west), Business Manager - MARY BALINO, Sergeants-at-arms - DANNY RAMIREZ, CONRAD MANUEL, ROD MARCELO, CHARLIE PARAS, ERNIE DABU, Music Director - PAUL C. RAMIREZ, Asst. Music Director - MARILYN DEL ROSARIO, Advisers - ERNIE C. TURLA, BEN SUSI, ART L. and MARITA G. VILLANUEVA, RUDY ALEJANDRINO, MINA GUINTO-TAHAYERI. ************************************************************************************************************** A million thanks to ANGELFIRE for granting me all this space for my webpage.