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Antero Alli -

Antero Alli is an author, playwright and mediamaker. His writings on ritual technology and astrology include ANGEL TECH, ALL RITES REVERSED: RITUAL TECHNOLOGY FOR SELF-INITIATION, THE AKASHIC RECORD PLAYER, PREGNANT UNIVERSE (with Christopher Hyatt), ASTROLOGIK, and THE VERTICAL ORACLE. Magazine credits include Details, Attitude, Whole Earth Review, Mountain Astrologer, Planet Earth, Mezlem, Quest, Magical Blend, Green Egg, New Moon Rising, Hecate’s Loom, Towards 2012 and many others. Considered an important link in the info-psychological lineage of Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson, his approach to ritual derives as much from his background in theater arts as from a lifelong study of western and eastern mystical traditions. Plays he has written, directed, and produced include As the Worm Turns: A Psychic Soap Opera (1979), Chapel Perilous (1982), and Hungry Ghosts (1998). Much of his current work is based in the medium of video and includes docu-dramas, documentaries, shorts and features such as Requiem For a Friend (1990), Archaic Community (1991), Mass of the Iconoclasts (1992), Bombs & Prayers (1992), Black Sea (1992), The Oracle (1993), The Couple Next Door (1993), Live at the Puss Puss Cafe (1994), The Cold Force (1994), The Word, Weird (1994), The Drivetime (1995), and Lily in Limbo (1996). Alli is the Director of ParaTheatrical ReSearch, an ongoing exploration of how theatre, ritual, poetry, music and spirituality coincide and collide in non-performance, as well as performance, mediums; a process that rearranges itself over time for different groups and purposes. Born in Helsinki, Finland in 1952, Alli currently resides in Northern California.

Lon Milo Duquette -

Lon Milo DuQuette is the author of numerous books about magick and the western spiritual tradi-tions including THE MAGICK OF THELEMA: A HANDBOOK OF THE RITUALS OF ALEISTER CROWLEY, regarded as a most unintimidating, amusing and user-friendly guide to the subject; also TAROT OF CEREMONIAL MAGICK, and ANGELS DEMONS & GODS OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM. His newest work, MY LIFE WITH THE SPIRITS, is scheduled for release in May of 1999. Since 1975 Lon Milo DuQuette has been a national and international governing officer of Ordo Templi Orientis, one of the most influential magical societies of the 20th Century. As United States Deputy Grand Master General and a governing officer of the International O.T.O., he is unquestionably the most visible spokesperson of the Order. He is master of Heru-Ra-Ha Lodge, O.T.O. in Newport Beach, California and is archbishop of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica.

Linda Falorio -

Linda Falorio is an artist and writer best known for her creation of the occult best seller, The Shadow Tarot, a Major Arcana tarot deck designed as an exploratory tool for delving into those areas of the psyche that find their reflection in the Collective Unconscious and the Archetypal Shadow. The artist is also known for her magickal altar-pieces and portraits, and for interpreting personal symbols and dreams on canvas. A member of the Women's Magickal Art Coalition, Linda presented Magickal Realism, a one-woman show of magickal and esoteric art, she has shown her paintings at The WestGate Gallery in New Orleans, and has participated in group-shows of art by women. Linda has long been a teacher of occult and metaphysical subjects, including astrology, tarot, palmistry, and magick, and has presented lectures and performance art, most notably at StarWood, and the Summer Hawk festival.

Linda's work has been published in magazines and journals world-wide, including StarFire, SKOOB Occult Review, Rose & Quill, MEZLIM, AHA (AbraHadAbra), Circle Network News, Congress of Astrological Organizations Journal, Thee Kali Circle, and NOX Anthology: Dark Doctrines. Lost Souls, a collection of short stories, was published as a project of the Esoteric Order of Dagon, and "Orgasm Magick" appears in Donald Michael Kraig's Modern Sex Magick. Descended from a long line of wise women and traditional healers, Linda holds a Masters degree in clinical psychology from the University of Miami, is a certified hypnotherapist, and web-mistress of AnandaZone! She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her long time magickal partner, Fred Fowler.

Philip H. Farber -

Philip H. Farber is the author of FUTURERITUAL: MAGICK FOR THE 21ST CENTURY and is a Certified Hypnotherapist practicing in New York’s Mid Hudson Valley. His articles on magick and popular culture have appeared in Mondo 2000, High Times, Green Egg, Future Sex, Crash Collusion, and many other publications. He was a co-author of the New York Times best-selling history books CHRONICLE OF THE 20TH CENTURY and CHRONICLE of AMERICA. As an editor, Mr. Farber served as science and technology editor for the aforementioned history books, literary editor for 105 Magazine, an acclaimed regional arts publication, and is currently the editor-in-chief of Paradigm Shift!, an eclectic Web publication. His writing and editorial services have also been employed by a variety of corporate Web sites (including sites maintained by the pharmaceutical corporation Hoechst Marion Roussel). As a lecturer and workshop leader, he has traveled widely, appearing at such notable events and venues as the Starwood Festival (the largest pagan/magical festival in the USA), Between the Worlds, the Oliveros Foundation Deep Listening Space, the Nyack New Age Center, FringeWare, Psychic Eye Bookstores and others.

Lawrence Galian -

Lawrence Galian, a.k.a. Abdullah Muzaffer al-Uwayssi was born Joseph Anthony Cordisco in Manhattan on April 5, 1954. He is an initiate of three Sufi Orders: the Uwayssi, the Rufayi-Marufi and the Halveti-Jerrahi, being a student of Sufism for eighteen years. Mr. Galian holds the full-time position of Senior Dance Accompanist in the Hofstra University Department of Drama and Dance (Hempstead, New York). He has accompanied many of the greatest dancers and companies in the world including Natalia Makarova, Jennifer Muller and The Works, Joyce Trisler Danscompany, and The San Francisco Ballet. He is a faculty member of the Hofstra University Hofstra College of Continuing Education (Hempstead, New York) where he has taught since 1992. He has also recorded a solo piano album of ballet music entitled Ballet Music for Barre and Center Floor, available as a double-length CD from Roper Records, Inc. His original Sufi ballet, Zemzem, was aired on the National Public Radio Program "New Sounds with John Schaefer." He is listed in the fifteenth edition of International Who's Who in Music (Cambridge, England). Laurence Galian's first book "BEYOND DUALITY: THE ART OF TRANSCENDENCE" is now available by mail order from New Falcon Publications . Phone: (800) 507 - BOOK (800) 507 - 2665). It is also available by order at all fine bookstores. Laurence Galian has just completed his second book entitled: REALITY IS NOT IN PAIN (INCLUDING: TALES, PRACTICES AND COMMENTARY).

Allen Greenfield -

Allen Greenfield is a native of Augusta, Georgia. A past (elected) member of the British Society for Psychical Research, the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (from 1960), etc., he has twice been the recipient of the "UFOlogist of the Year Award" of the National UFO Conference (1972 and 1992). He is also a past President of the Atlanta Science Fiction Organization (ASFOII), which pioneered the prototypes of science fiction conventions as they are now commonly presented. Greenfield is the author of several commercial books. The controversial SECRET CIPHER OF THE UFONAUTS (IllumiNet Press, 1994) has been critically acclaimed in many reviews all over the world. Other published works include THE STORY OF THE HERMETIC BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT, which deals with this seminal occult group from a Thelemic perspective; and THE COMPLEATE RITE OF MEMPHIS, on the history of the Rite of Memphis from Cagliostro to Yarker, Papus and Crowley, published by Luxor Press in 1998. He has also edited a definitive annotated edition of FRATER ACHAD’S LIBER THIRTY-ONE (Luxor Press, 1998), taken from the original typescript and Achad's private letters. Greenfield has appeared before the International Fortean Organization, the Atlanta UFO Society, the 31st Annual National UFO Conference, UFO Forum, the 32nd Annual National UFO Conference, the First National OTO Conference and is slated to speak at the Second National OTO Conference in 1999. Greenfield is 52 and the father of three sons, ranging in age from 26 to 6.

Bill Heidrick -

Bill Heidrick was born in August 1943 and grew up on a Northern California farm homesteaded by his grandfather in 1872. Following a Bachelor of Science Degree at St. Mary's College, Moraga, in 1965, Heidrick taught at the high school level for four years, later earning an MS Degree in Physics at San Francisco State University in 1971. While at San Francisco State, he took an elective class in "The History of Magic and Mysticism." Inspired, he bought the bibliography in the syllabus and contacted others of like interest. Having previously held AMORC membership, he joined Builders Of The Adytum magical order in 1970, leaving that order several years later. In the early seventies, Heidrick was teaching again, classes in tarot, magick and kaballah, as he continues to do today at San Anselmo. In April 1977 he joined Ordo Templi Orientis amidst the revival and continuation of OTO under Grady McMurtry. Heidrick edited and printed the OTO Newsletter, precursor to today's The Magical Link, and presently contributes his time to OTO International operations as Treasurer General of the Order. He manually prepared many of the Aleister Crowley texts widely available today for OTO distribution via local BBS's and the Internet. Heidrick has incidental publication in a half dozen languages. Worthy of note, as an example of his practical and personal approach, is AN INTRODUCTION TO KABALLAH, currently appearing as a serial in Thelema Lodge Calendar. His works appear on the Internet at several sites, and he participates in posting forums and mentoring via e-mail on a variety of subjects

Phil Hine -

Phil Hine is a former editor of the highly acclaimed occult journal "Chaos International" and co-creator (with Rodney Orpheus) of the UK magazine "Pagan News" which he edited for 4 years. The author of CONDENSED CHAOS, PRIME CHAOS and THE PSEUDONOMICON, Phil occasionally conducts workshops and seminars in a wide range of occult subjects. All the rumours you've heard are true, expect for the one about the axle-grease and light-bulbs.

Michael Humphrey -

A 35 Year Old Aquarian, Michael Humphrey was born, raised, and educated in a small town in Central Kentucky. Michael is best known for co-founding The Order of The Astral Star in 1980 while still only a youth. Since then, The Organization that he co-founded has grown into a National Organization of High Ceremonial "Christian" Magicians with membership in twenty States and Candada. Michael currently serves as the Chief Adept and National President of the Society. Professionally, Michael is a police officer for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, a Senior Trooper with the Kentucky Horse Park Mounted Police in Lexington, KY. With his esoteric background, he has been called in to consult and investigate on numerous out of the ordinary cases for several different police departments.

Donald Michael Kraig -

Donald Michael Kraig began his career in metaphysics in Southern California, teaching and lecturing on such topics as kaballah, tantra, tarot, magick, psychic development, psychic self-defense and Wicca. Over the next ten years he refined his teaching style, and drew upon his class material to create MODERN MAGICK, the first step-by-step coursebook in ceremonial magick. Almost 600 pages in length, the book is arranged into 11 time-tested lessons. As a result, it has become the most popular book of its kind, having sold over 100,000 copies. Much of Don's writing has been in "short format." He has written chapters for several issues of the The Golden Dawn Journal, as well as introductions to books such as THE RABBI'S TAROT and ECSTASY THROUGH TANTRA. He has also written two short booklets, one on psychic powers and another on the evocation of spirits. His latest full book is MODERN SEX MAGICK, which presents new paradigms and discoveries while exploring previously taboo approaches. It is non-sexist and includes articles by four women sex magicians.

Aaron Leitch -

Aaron Leitch has been a practicing magickian and self-made scholar for over a decade. He has focused his writing career largely toward the magickal and spiritual communities of the internet. In 1998 he became an initiate of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and has future plans to charter a new Temple in the Central Florida area. He has written a number of essays (both in print and on the web) on subjects such as Ceremonial Magick, Angelology, Qabalah, Enochiana, Middle Eastern Religion and Mythology, Shamanism, Occult History, Renaissance Magick, Traditional Wicca, and several student resources. Most of these are freely available on his home page: Grimoiric Magick, Golden Dawn, Wicca, and Qabalistic Philosophy . He is also working on the publication of several full-length books on such subjects as Grimoiric Magick, Abramelin, The Angelic Language, and John Dee's Angelic (Enochian) Magick. His passions are for Mysticism, Psychology, History, Cyberspace, Social Commentary, and (perhaps above all else) Tradition.

Rodney Orpheus -

Rodney Orpheus is widely known to the magical community as a musician and a writer. He is the founding member of Cassandra Complex, one of the most influential electro-industrial bands of recent years, and has performed with other notable musicians, including Sisters of Mercy and Sun God, a band that Orpheus formed to explore modern musical interpretations of Voodoo traditions. With Cassandra Complex, Orpheus has toured throughout the world and has appeared on MTV Europe. Their music has scored in the top ten of sales charts in several European countries, and they have performed at many of the major music festivals on that continent. In 1995, Orpheus published his first book, ABRAHADABRA: A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO THELEMIC MAGICK. ABRAHADABRA is widely recommended as one of the very few competent and readable introductory texts to Thelemic magick. At present, Rodney Orpheus is working on a new Cassandra Complex album that will include guest musician Bill Breeze on viola. Born in Ireland in 1960, he currently resides in Hamburg, Germany.

Genesis P-Orridge -

Perhaps best known as a musician and founder of the bands Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV, Genesis P-Orridge's creativity was seminal in the genres of industrial and acid house music, and he was an important part of the rave scene in both his native England and in the United States. In 1981, P-Orridge founded a magical order, Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth (T.O.P.Y.) and was later influential in several similar projects, including The Process and TOPI. He is the author of several texts on magick, including ESOTERRORIST. Presently he performs with his new band, Thee Majesty, and devotes his time to writing and to exploring an interest in Santeria.

A.J. Rose -

A.J. Rose first published in 1960 (aged five), and has been writing professionally since 1970 (when, still in high school, he edited Marvel Comics Group's official fan magazine, The Marvelmania Monthly Magazine). His fiction, nonfiction and poetry had achieved international recognition (including a 1973 scholarship from the National Society of American Pen Women) and been translated into several foreign languages before he began to write full-time in 1985. In 1992 he took up his best-known pseudonym, "A.J. Rose," and began publishing nonfiction instructional work in Thelemic circles (the Implications of Thelema series). In 1994, he began self-publishing; his currently available works are the novel OCCULT FORCES (1994), and the nonfiction work THE C.:G.: STUDENT HANDBOOK: MYSTICISM, MAGICK, THELEMA (1997), noted for its deeply admiring, infuriatingly indirect, yet wildly controversial "solution to the riddle of Aleister Crowley." He is currently finishing the sequel to OCCULT FORCES, called LAYTON DRIVE (second volume of the projected seven-volume CONSCIOUSNESS CYCLE), for Summer 1999 release. A native Angeleno who also spent a few childhood years in the American mid-west, he lives today in Southern California, with three cats and a Goddess.

Douglas Rushkoff -

Douglas Rushkoff is the best-selling author of THE GENX READER, CYBERIA, MEDIA VIRUS, PLAYING THE FUTURE, and THE ECSTACY CLUB. He writes a weekly column about technology and culture for the New York Times Syndicate and is a frequent contributor to Esquire, Details, and Paper. His writings document the interactions between fringe culture, shamanic tendencies, memetics, and contemporary technological culture. He lives in New York.

Lionel Snell -

Lionel Snell is a magician and a professional technical copy and PR writer. His work includes brochures, articles, manuals, scripts for presentations and video - presenting difficult technical subjects for the lay public. A lifelong interest in arcane subjects eventually brought him to the works of Aleister Crowley. Snell is the author of SSOTBME - AN ESSAY ON MAGIC, which has been published in several languages, internationally, and is considered to be a classic text, seminal to New Age ideas in general and chaos magic in particular. The follow up book - THUNDERSQUEAK - became (wait for it...) a cult classic among the punks in Iceland. He has written under various pseudonyms for occult publications including Aquarian Arrow.

Don Webb -

Don Webb was born in Amarillo, Texas in 1960. He is well known both as a writer of speculative fiction and as an important figure in the Left Hand Path occult movement. His short stories have appeared widely in the science fiction "pulps" and have been listed on all the best "Best Of" lists every year for the past 10 years. His latest works of fiction are THE DOUBLE and ESSENTIAL SALTS, both mysteries from St. Martin's Press. Most recently UNCLE SETNAKTS ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO THE LEFT HAND PATH has been added to bookstore shelves, published by Runa Raven Press. Other notable occult writings include A SPELL FOR FULFILLMENT OF DESIRE, and SEVEN FACES OF DARKNESS: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO TYPHONIAN MAGICK. Webb's writing has been translated into seven languages, transformed into comic books and audio tapes, and published on the Internet. Don Webb is a board member of FringeWare, a bookstore and center of fringe culture in Austin, Texas. He is presently the High Priest of the Temple of Set.

Robert Anton Wilson -

Robert Anton Wilson is a novelist, poet, playwright, lecturer, stand-up comic, futurist and psychologist. He is the co-author (with Robert Shea) of the ILLUMINATUS TRILOGY, the best-selling science fiction novel of all time, and author of the SCHROEDINGER'S CAT trilogy (called "the most scientific of all science fiction novels" by New Scientist.) Among his historical novels are THE EARTH WILL SHAKE, THE WIDOW'S SON and MASKS OF THE ILLUMINATI. His nonfiction works of magical psychology and guerrilla ontology include the famous COSMIC TRIGGER, PROMETHEUS RISING and QUANTUM PSYCHOLOGY, volumes that appeal to ceremonial magicians as well as futurists and general semanticians. His latest books are a novel NATURE AND NATURE'S GOD, a polemic against Fundamentalist Materialism, THE NEW INQUISITION, and an encyclopedia of conspiracy theories, EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL. Wilson holds a Ph.D. in psychology from Hawthorn University, and regularly gives seminars at Esalen and other New Age centers. Dr. Wilson now resides in Santa Cruz, California.

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