A Page honouring the Heroes and Villians of Irish Society

Heroes Villians
Dave Fanning - 2FM DJ. Ok,ok.....he can ramble on and talk through his arse occasionaly but still he's the only presenter on 2FM that can interview celebs without appearing like a fawning tool. AND he said Boyzone were crap live on air. Thats got to count for something. Gerry Ryan - 2FM 'shock jock'. Gerry Ryan heads our list of villians for simply being crap. Fat-Boy-Fat Ryan started his 2FM career when it was called Radio 2 and was seen as one of the rebellous core out in Montrose but now look at him - Mister fucking Establishment. Also how many rubbish TV shows have RTE given him to harness his 'zany' personality??.....well there was Secrets (that was shit), the School Around The Corner (rubbish too, unless you were seven and on valium) and Gerry Ryan Tonight (complete and utter bollocks). He had a couple of other efforts too but they were so terrible we're fucked if we can remember them. Gerry Ryan......do us a favour........retire.
D'Unbelievables - Comedians. While their videos can be a bit hit and miss (though more hit than miss) their live performances are absolutely brilliant. And we still like them despite the fact they're from Limerick and Tipperary - and thats saying something. Brendan O'Carroll - Comedian (allegedly), also actor, playwrite and author........and shit at all four. The only people who find this chancer entertaining are folk who think that sayings like 'How's your wobbly bits?' are the height of comedic entertainment. The ironic thing about this clown is that he's loved by RTE including Mr G Ryan (above). In a country where up and coming actors,comedians and writers all struggle for a bit of exposure it baffles ABTBB how this git is never off the airwaves. The best news we heard last year was the Manchester police hammering the shit out of Mr O'Carroll in the airport, fair fucks boys, we owe you a pint.
Dustin - Bon Viveur. The most famous turkey in Ireland after Pat Kenny, Dustin has been corrupting kids watching the Den for many years now. The national icon deserves 'Hero' status for 2 main reasons -
1: Not selling out and joining a British TV station.
2: For constantly reminding us how shit Pat Kenny his.
Daragh Purcell - TV Presenter. We know you're saying 'who the fuck is Daragh Purcell??'. Well he's the gimp who presents 'Pop on 3' - TV3's Music programme. The show itself is predicatably enough shite but it is worth watching if only to say 'what a wanker' everytime Mr Purcell appears on the screen. We don't know where TV3 dug this ape out of but the sooner they fuck him back to la-la land the better. If this is the best they can come up with we at ABTBB predict Ireland could be less 1 TV station within a year.
Keith 'Sexiest Man In Ireland' Duffy - Boyzone. Keehh is awarded hero status for being making a lot of money without having any talent to talk of. That's a talent in itself we think. Pat Kenny - Sanctimonious git.
THE most boring man on Irish TV but is that reason enough to brand him a villian?? Maybe not, but his new advertising campaign for the Late,Late Show is i.e.
Advert 1: Pat walking along Sandymount Strand in Dublin - what is this image meant to convey to the viewer? Probably 'Wow, there's Pat Kenny, deep in thought, pondering the major issues of the day, so he can bring us - the Late, Late Show viewers - deep, insightful interviews to brighten up our Friday nights.'
What do we really think?? WANKER!!
Advert 2: Pat sitting at the bar, supping his pint of plain, telling the viewers about what they can expect in the upcoming run of the Late, Late. What is this image meant to convey to the viewer? Probably 'Wow, there's Pat Kenny, he's one of us, likes his pint and likes his chat, its great that someone like ourselves can do the Late, Late Show and bring us - the Late, Late show viewers - deep, insightful interviews to brighten up our Friday nights.'
What do we really think?? WANKER!!
Apres Match team : the only reason for watching Irish soccer at the moment. Also win points for being unintentionally similar to TV3's soccer coverage. Louis Walsh : the svengali that has foisted on us Boyzone\Westlife\the Carter twins and is probably responisble for BeFucked aswell. While you have to admire the fact that he makes an awful lot of money out of this shite his ultimate legacy will be the man who 'discovered' Ronan Keating. Remember himself and Keating crying when the Carter Twins didn't win the Irish 'Song For Europe' competition?? Classic.
Today FM :effortlessly rises above the cesspit that is Irish radio. Has its bad points i.e. doesn't seem to think of itself as anything other than a Dublin station, but at least its not 98FM. Sean Moncrieff : Don't Feed the Gondolas presenter, another 'zany' RTE head. Typical Moncrieff witty saying 'And next we'll be talking to Charlie Haughey, is he innocent or just a big bollocks'. God Sean, our sides are splitting here. And the joke phonecall from a little village in the whest of Ireland was funny the first time Sean. DFTG's only saving grace is Daragh O'Brion...its a pity he's wasted on tripe like this.
George 'Danger here' Hamiltion : RTE Commentator - need we say more?
Independent Newspapers : churns out the most pathetic excuse for a broadsheet newspaper in Ireland. Between the 'Young, Irish and Gifted' articles of its daily paper and the Westbrit pontifications of its Sunday equivilant one wonders how this tripe is the most successful newspaper in Ireland. God, even think of the journalists - Barry Egan, Eilish O'Hanlon, Mary Ellon Synon.....oh we could go on. Avoid.
Lorraine Keane : TV personality (apparently). Lorraine isn't even a villan, its everything she stands for - AA Roadwatch, TV3, Rind-e-Bout, minor Irish celebrity i.e. the ugly side of turn of the millenium Ireland.