Nothing like a few Waterford jokes to have the rolling in the aisles

A joke doing the rounds in Cork at the moment goes something like this:- A fanatical Waterford supporter was walking his dog on the Monday after the defeat by Cork. As he strolled along the beach full of despondancy he saw a bottle which was quite unusual lying on the strand. He poked the bottle with his toe and low and behold out pops a genie. Genie: 'Your wish is my command ... etc etc W. Supporter:This little dog of mine - i wish that it be turned into a greyhound that would win The Laurels and The Derby. The genie took one look at the mangy little mongrel that was on its last legs and shakes his head. That would be very difficult. Is there any other wish you have? The Waterford Supporter thought and his eyes lit up for an instant. 'I wish that Waterford will win an 'All-Ireland' in the near future. The genie looked a bit taken aback for an instant. He then rubbed his beard and said: 'Would you ever give me another look at that dog?'
Q.What do you call a Waterford man with a Senior All-Ireland medal? A.A Transvestite,