Waterford people are a very bitter lot. But the truth remains that if Ireland was a dog, then Waterford would be its arse. Many people from this strange corner of the island are obsessed with the Wicked Gerlock from the West, a man who's said to have evil powers and sends his minions out to wreak havoc on the decent people of Munster and indeed Ireland every Summer. One would wonder about this obsession when you consider other outrages perpretrated against these docile people by the likes of Limerick, to name but one. A further interesting anomoly in the psyche of Waterford people is that in reality they really want to be from Clare, in fact the Waterford hurlers are currently described as Clare-lite, a sort of low-cal take on a far more sophisticated product. The current head honcho in the Waterford scene is in fact a Cork man with a facial hair-do that would make the Village People proud. Sad really. When you have finished laughing at their hurling team, here are another couple of Waterford jokes to keep you going. But the best description I've ever heard regarding the Waterford hurling team came from the beardy socalist Kevin Cashman (currently writing for the Sunday Tribune). 'The Black and Tans in white' is how he described their appearance in the 1989 Munster final. Several Tipperary players would probably agree. A Waterford persons view of Ireland
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