Don't get me started on this pack of feckers. Why does everyone hate Tipp so much?? well for starters...arrogance, Michael 'Babs' Keating, Michael 'Stroke' Lowry and the awful toilets during the Feiles in the early '90s I could go on and maybe I will. What are Tipp people arrogant about anyway, 2 All-Ireland Hurling titles in 25 years? Or perhaps because Tipp is known as the Premier county. A favourite son of Tipperary is one John Leahy, a man who could tell Roy Keane a thing or two when it comes to tackling fellow boozers in bars. However you'll find Semple Stadium in Tipperary and for that we are grateful. Tipperarys hurling team this year (99) have showed a lot of promise but their age old handicap of perceived arrogance coupled with poor media relations will probably lead to their undoing yet again. In certain parts of the country you will hear Tipp described as 'deSerbs' - the reason for this are clarified here. As mentioned before many Tipp fans have this bizarre superiority complex when it comes to hurling and tend to be very bitter towards non-traditional counties getting a day out in the sun - an example of which can be found here. However if Tipperary hurling is your thing you're best bet is to check out the Tipp Hurling section of Ed Donnellys site.