The county of the sitdown protest. Offaly folks took on the mantle of the suffering one lovely Saturday in August 1998 What caused this to happen? what outrage could possibly provoke these normally sheep loving people into a rioting crowd?? what sequence of events could possibly have occured that would cause these people to take a course of action that would be more appropiate to the Garvaghy Road, Tianenman Square or Belgrade?? Well to be honest not many people know. It was something to do with a ref blowing a whistle early, which left them off the hook as they were losing anyway. But they made their point, Offaly people are like that. Why are Offaly people strange? The Faithful folk are however justifiably proud of their fine hurling team. These players demonstrate great wristwork when they have a hurl in the hand. This is a trait they share with the majority of Offaly males, whos wristwork has been carefully honed by years of self-abuse, aided by copies of the Farmers Journal and the Stars sports pages. Members of this team are involved in restoring their own form of law and order to some of the more dangerous towns in Offaly - like Edenderry. Apart from invading pitches, it's an established fact that Offaly people turn into real party animals when they head to Dublin for their days out. Crazy, fun guys!! Former Tipperary manager - and all round nice guy - Babs Keating had a short stint in charge of the Offaly hurling team in 1998. A little known fact is that Offalys greatest player of all time was an American - they called him the King.
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