Manager of the Millenium

This is the time of year where magazines, newspapers and other forms of mass media draw up polls of the winners and losers of the year just gone by. This year has special significance as not only is it the end of the 90's, it also marks the end of the century and more important still - the end of the Milleniun (like, not shit Sherlock!). Anyway to mark this special time, we at Anyone But The Banner Boyz have decided to compile a list of the greatest managers the GAA world has known. After drawing up our shortlist we came up with the usual suspects - Mick O etc yawn, yawn, yawn. So as this was predictably boring it was then decided to delve back into the history books the draw up a list of the famous managers in times long gone by :

Brian Boru - Him praying and the match not even finished. He got a jostle from a Dane and that was the end of it. There's no point in winning the match if tou don't live to see the homecoming

Diarmaid Mac Morragh - the fellas from outside the parish he brought in to strengthen the team took over and wouldn't go home for 700 years and some of them are still hanging around.

Aodh Rua O'Neill - nice 9-year unbeaten run but it ended in a rout when the spanish substitutes refused to hurl. At that level you can't depend on an Armada to save you.

Cathal Buí mac Giolla Gunna - chan díobhal bí ach easpa dí a d'fhág é ina luí ar chúl a chinn - surely to god he could have got in some Lucozade Sport for the big match- very poor leadership.

Fr Murphy- found his thrill on Vinegar Hill but should have thought about those hoors from the Cork militia. Ger Loughanane would have.

Robert Emmett - nice try Rob but the tactics were wrong. You need to play ground hurling with those yeomen.

Joseph Mary Plunkett - You won't get any respect from the boys with a name like Mary.

Padraig Pearse - he only had one good side as a player and as a manager his big flaw was expecting the Dubs to come out and support the team.

Charles J Haughey - a great motivator but there always seemed to be fewer sliotars at the end of the training session.