Further proof that Yoda hails from Mayo

Pulp Fiction - Mayo Style The Scene: John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson sitting in car talking.

(Pulp Fiction music fades off...)

S: Ok, so tell me again about Mayo People.

J: Whaddya wanna know?

S: Beastiality is legal there right?

J: Yeah, its legal but it ain't a 100% legal. I mean you can't just walk into a field,
pick up a sheep and start pumpin' away. They wan't you to shag sheep in your home or
certain designated places.

S: And those are valleys?

J: Ok, it breaks down like this: its legal to buy a sheep, its legal to own a sheep and if
you're a farmer its legal to sell or loan sheep, its ILLEGAL to fuck sheep in public
but...but...but that doesn't matter 'cos, getta loada this, the police in Mayo are too
stupid to notice you've got a sheep hanging off your dick. I mean that's the intellect the police in
Mayo DON'T have.

S: Arrr man. I'm not goin', that's all there is too it, I'm never fuckin' goin'.

J: Nah man, you'd hate it the most. But do know what the funniest thing about Mayo is?

S: What?

J: Its the little differences, I mean they got the same kinda people over there as we got
here, but there they're a little different.

S: Example.

J: Ok. You can walk into a Movie theatre in Castlebar and order a lump of manure, and I'm not talkin'
about no paper cup, I'm talkin' about a LUMP of manure. And in Claremorris you can buy manure in Supermacs.
Do you know what they call a 1/4 pounder with cheese in Mayo?

S: They don't call it a 1/4 pounder with cheese?

J: Nah man, they don't have fractions, they wouldn't know what the fuck a 1/4 pounder is.

S: So whadda they call it?

J: A (assumes Mayo accent) -Hang end Cheese Sangwhichch.

S: A Hang end Cheese Sandwichch?

J: That's right.

S: And whadda they call a Big Mac?

J: A Big Macs a Big Mac but there they call it a Big Mecc.

S: (immitating accent badly) A Bich Mechch?

J: Ha ha ha

S: Whadda they call a Whopper?

J: I don't know, I didn't go into Burger King....... Do you know what
they put on French Fries in Claremorris instead of ketch-up?

S: What?

J: Manure.

S: Arrr man...

J: I've seen 'um do it man, they fuckin' drown 'um in that shit.