Oh yes, Meath, another shower of hoors. The Royal county, ha, ha...thats a joke if I ever heard one. The county that the genetically modified Jawn Brutal calls home. Their football team has been quite succesful for over ten years now, all the time being managed by herbalist, Sean Boylan. Some samples of the core ingredients in Mr Boylans potions can be found here. Good and all as he is, sometimes his potions have failed to last the required 70 minutes. The Meath team of the late 80's - 1990's was known to include a few(!!) 'hardmen'. For real insights into what make Meath men thick, I'll point you towards the website of that bastion of good taste, Navan Man. Meath fans are famed for their wit and indeed their beer guts and enjoy a healthy rivalry with their near neighbours, Dublin. Wanna read a Meath joke.....Click Here!