Limerick - you're a lady. Yep, thats right but what kind of lady?? Most likely the kind of one you'll pick up in Copper Face Jacks after a day of beer we think. Limerick has many famous landmarks including King Johns Castle, the Treaty Stone, Teds Niteclub and Soooppeeerrrrmmmmaaacccsss. Its also equally famous for its rugby heritage (even the knackers play rugger in Limerick, mostly because if it was left to the posh wankers on the Ennis Road and Dooradoyle, Limerick would be lucky to field a single front row), kamikaze hurling teams and a team of mechanics in the world of Formala 1 motor racing. Limerick is notoriously known as 'Stab City' and it's widely believed that William Shakespeare visited the city whilst researching his play Julius Caesar. Limerick people are very touchy about the 'Stab City' title and rightly point out that shotguns, pistols and crossbows are now regularly used in assaults in the city - this Celtic Tiger,eh? Before making Star Wars, it is rumoured George Lucas considered setting it in Limerick - here's an early outline of the characters that would have appeared in the film. Limerick people tell you that that their city has turned the corner and is now a vibrant young metropolis and point to their achievements in the arts world to prove this.....for example 1) the Pulitzer prize winning Angela's Ashes....a book about a boy wanking is way though puberty in Limerick, 2) Richard Harris.....token drunken paddy abroad and 3) the do we really need to spend 15 on an album of a screaming Limerick woman when we can walk past Supermacs any night of the week for the same priviledge??
Click here to see and artists impression of Limerick on Christmas Eve.