Kilkenny - or as it's described on the tourist trails 'the medieval captial of Ireland' which is a fitting tribute to a city that hosts Langtons niteclub - a real throwback to the dark ages. A little known fact is that the Franks Sinatra song 'Chicago - My Kind Of Town' was actually written about Kilkenny but everytime he tried to sing it in the marble city he was drowned up by shouts of 'Its a city, not a town'.
Kilkenny's star player of the 90's had been without doubt DJ Carey. After the fallout of his shock retirement last year (98) he made a comeback to lead the Kilkenny attack to the All-Ireland final. DJ however didn't play to the standards we have come to expect from the man and GAA followers everywhere were wondering did he have 'The Hunger' anymore. We in ABTBB were shocked by this questioning of DJs motivation and we can publish exclusive pictures to prove that DJ certainly didn't lack passion in 1998.