Miscellaneous Links of Irish interest.

A bunch of interesting links that don't fit anywhere else

Vent your spleen on the GAA Discussion Board.

One of the better Irish website at the moment - spend a penny in Bowsie.Com.

We at Anyone But The Banner Boyz always figured that Waterford was a strange place - and how true that has turned out to be - check out the bizzarely excellent Tales From The Seaside - Tramore Uncovered.
Another very entertaining tome is the Culchies Homepage.
Get the inside line on Irish Political scandals. It's a bit out of date but still very interesting : Cogair

Its banned in Ireland and Britain but you can buy it on the net. Have a look at this site which gives an appetizer of what is contained in The Committe.

More bizarre carry on from our Norn Iron neighbours

Got a phone handy?? This has got to be the funniest answering machine message you'll ever hear : 086-9451084

Remember football maestro Ronnie O'Brien?? Well, check out this great homage to the man :Unofficial Ronnie O'Brien Page.

Not really a link though but an indication of some of the recommendations made by the Pattens Commision's investigation into the new Euro Notes

Rob Reids homepage.....worth a look if only for the Eddie Moroney video section.