Galway, the city of the tribes : what a pity then that the only tribes to be found in the environs of Galway City and
County are the hoards of New Age travelling crusty bastards over here to
take our jobs and our women. Sorry, strike that.....those crusty bastards are only here to draw the dole and smoke drugs.
Not that I have a problem with that, but wouldn't be better for all of us if they would take a bath once in a while?
One of the great parishes in Galway is Athenry home of the famous Michael (who stole the corn) and now the great Eugene Cloonan, the angriest young man to hold a caman for Galway ever. What are the demons that haunt Eugene ?? well, click here to find out.
A more interesting creature to emerge from the glory that is Athenry is one David Christopher - the parishes token WestBrit. Contrary to what you may believe this kind of carry on is not the norm in Athenry, as you will see by the following.