Anyone But The Banner Boyz - Cork words of wisdom

An insight into why Cork have undergone a famine in recent times.

Quote from Donal Og Cusack
It is a tight, clannish place. Big families were common in Cloyne one time and many of them didn't look beyond Cloyne to marry. "The way it is in Cloyne," says Cusack, "nearly everyone is related to each other some way."
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Quote from Seanie McGrath
"I never followed the Glen when I was growing up, but there was something mystical and magical about the name," McGrath says. "You hear people talking about the spirit of the Glen and it's all true. Like, it was great for me when I got to about 18 to be training with Tomas Mulcahy and Kieran McGuckian and John Fitzgibbon, all Cork players. I was a big John Fitzgibbon fan. I remember one night doing press-ups at training and Fitzgibbon was holding my legs. I nearly had an orgasm. It was unbelievable."
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