Clare : a county plunged into darkness in 1998 amidst claims of human rights abuse, witch-hunts, shadowy committees and even shadowier councils. The people of Clare are a very misunderstood lot, they love their music and by god they love their hurling too, as one famous son of the Dalcassian said. The pride of Clare at the moment is the Clare hurling team,indeed at 12:00pm each day the people of Clare pause from their work and turn to face their Mecca, Cusack Park, Ennis (or Innis, as the natives call it). This call to prayer is signalled each day by the propaganda organ of the Clare Regime, Clare FM. The Clare hurling team has divided opinion up and down the country, emotions ranging from deep hate to crazy love. Still they have a lot of influential fans all over the world. While most GAA followers know that the GAA was founded in 1884 - there is an element of the Clare support who think hurling was invented in the Summer of 1995. And these are the people who usually get the tickets for the big matches, while the long suffering supporters have to pay big money to the touts for the priviledge of a shite seat in the Nally Stand. The undisputed king of Clare is Ger Loughnane. Loved and loathed in equal measure, Ger is a unique creature in the often bland world of pre-match interviews and post-match comments. Click here for some of the more entertaining Loughnane outbursts. Loughnane will take almost any measure to guide this Clare team to glory including unconventional injury recover practices. After the antics of 98 the conspiracy theorists in Clare had enough ammunition to keep them boring us for at least 10 years.
On a more socio-economic note, there has been something of an influx of refugees into the Clare area in the last numbers of years. Many of these have come from the Balkans, Kurdistan and more lately Limerick. Since the Limerick contingent has arrived there has been a marked rise in crime.
Clare Hurling Fans : Enter the Competition and win the respect of the GAA world!!