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Togran Bow; The Man Behind the Shadows

Things about himself.

Togran's History: The man known as Togran was born into the Royal family of Lylat on the Continent o' Necrofay, on the planet of Destiney. Lylat's official race is Lylatian and so is Togran. He was born on the 28th day o' April sometime during the years 1523 to 1547. As he grew he learned the ways that every o' his race does, the art o' Telepathy. Sometime during his 13 year o' life his mother, Salandra, had an affair with a high official in the Lylatian empire. As time went on, she became pregnant wit' the other man's child. She tried to hide this as long as she could, but eventually Togran's father found o' this relationship and also found that this unborn child was not his. He was FURIOUS but Togran hardly knew what to make o' it. It came so fast. Togran ran away one night to a little patch o woods that were only known to him. He came back sometime around 3 weeks after only to find his mouther beheaded, her lover also dead, and the baby already born. At fisrt his father was going to kill the baby also, but Togran, fer some unknown reason, begged him not to. His father agreed, but never took to the child. After that things went pretty smooth fer about 11 years. At that time Togran was at the age 22, and his father was becoming very sick. This because of his age of about 65 and because o' other various health problems. Sometime that year his father died, thus leaving Togran the sole heir to Lylat. Time went on as he mourned fer his father and he eventually got married to a lovely woman and she beared his child named Aldaris. Not much is known o' their marriage or their child. Togran barely remembers them now, something happened, he doesnt know what, that mad it so. Around his 27 year o' life a chain o' events happened in the surounding planets that finaly resulted in the destruction o' the planet Destiney. Togran and a few others made it off o' the planet just in time to the it's moon crash into it and see it crumble wit' a huge explosion. Unfortuanantly, Togran's son and wife did not make it off in time. The people on the ship that got off in time were some from an alliance Lylat had mad and a very good friend named Vladiar Von. Togran, knowing that his wife and son were still on Lylat refused to get on the airship to get off, but as end came ta end, Vlad finally knocked him out and dragged him aboard the ship. He finally made it to this land o' RhyDin that he had heard so much about, but he was never too happy fer that awful day still haunts his dreams to this day. Eventually he came to know this realm as home and made a few friends. He also joined three guilds, the StormRunners o' Talernon where he is currently a Knight o' Etheral Tranquility,The Empire of RhyDin Government where he is their SiC and the Order o' the Crimson Star. Where he was a Lt. Another chain o' events in his life happened at about his 28 year o' life. These events resulted in his death, but he was brought back. Although his life was never the same. He faced some, but others he could not. He has went on wit' his life, hopeing that this time around...things will be different.

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