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The Characters
Sakura Kinomoto Kerberus Tomoyo Daidoji Touya Kinomoto Yukito Tsukishiro
ShaoLan Li Fujitaka Kinomoto Nadesiko Kinomoto Mitsuki Kaho Classmates
Name Sakura Kinomoto
Age 10
Birthday April 1
Blood Type A
Grade 4
Personality Very open, Out-going, always happy
Family Members A brother, father, mother (died when Sakura was 3 years old)
People she likes Kero-chan,Tomoyo and Yukito
Favourite subjects Physical Education(gym)and Music!
Least Favourite Subject Mathematics!
Member of Cheerleading Team
Favourite Colors Pink and White
Favourite Foods Noodles,Egg Roll
Favourite Flower Sakura
Thing she want A new schoolbag!
Special Abilities Hunting for Clow Cards & sports

Also known as Kero-chan
Age Secret
Best Friend Sakura
Family Memmber Clow Cards!?
Favourite Food Sweet things
Least Favourite Food Chili taste food
Favourite Thing TV Games!
Favourite color Red, orange
Favourite TV Show Something like Jeopardy...
Favourite Flower Sunflower
Thing it want New TV Games!?
Special Abilities Guardian of the Clow Card, Acting(like a doll) and playing video games?

Tomoyo Daidoji
Birthday September 3
Blood Type A
Personality Kind
Family Member A mother,a father(don't know who)
Best Friend Sakura
Grade 4
Favourite Subjects Music,Chinese
Least Favourite Subject None
Member of Choir
Favourite Colors White,Light Yellow
Favourite Food Noodle,Sushi
Least Favourite Food Green pepper
Favourite Flower Violet & Sakura
Thing she wants A new video-recorder
Special Abilities Designing clothes & Video Recording

Touya Kinomoto
Birthday February 29
Age 17
Blood Type O
Family member Father,Sakura,and mother(died when he was 10)
Best Friend Yukito
Grade 11
Hobbies Teasing Sakura
Favourite Subject Chemistry
Least Favourite Subject None
Favourite Color Blue
Favourite Food Beef
Member of Soccer Team
Thing he want New sneakers

Yukito Tsukishiro
Birthday December 25
Age 17
Grade 11
Blood Type AB
Personality Kind
Best friend Touya
Favourite Color White
Favourite flower Snowdrop
Favourite Food All food
Member of Nothing
Hobbies Eating
Thing he want A new lunch box

ShaoLan Li
Birthday July 13
Age 10
Blood Type O
Grade 4
Favourite Subjects P.E. & Mathematics
Least Favourite Subject Chinese
Favourite Color Green
Favourite Flower Peony
Favourite Food Dim Sum & Chocolate
Family Members Mother & 4 sisters
The Thing he wants Clow's Magic Book
Fujitaka Kinomoto Nadesiko Kinomoto
Birthday/January 3 Birthday/May 20
Occupation/History Professor Occupation/Model
Favourite FoodDessertˇBPasta Favourite FoodFoodˇBTea
Least Favourite FoodNone Least Favourite SubjectNone
Favourite Thing/TV GAME Favourite ThingWarm Sunlight
Favourite Colors/WhiteˇBTan Favourite ColorWhite
Favourite Flowers/WheatberryˇBSakura Favourite Flower/Sakura
Good atRemembering people's faces and names Not Good atRemembering people's faces and names
HobbieCooking Hobbie/Sleeping
The Thing he wantNone Good atCan sleep anywhere

Mitsuki Kaho
Birthday: February 11
Occupation: Primary School teacher (Mathematics)
Favorite food:Wine
Favorite thing to do: Walking
She is a very beautiful primary school teacher.At the first part,she is Sakura's temporary mathematics teacher.She has a large power.But I don't know she is also or not the guardian ˘wˇyMoonˇz(Yue) of Clow Book.I only know at the past she likes Touya.

Birthday: November 10
Favorite subject:Mathematics
Subject disliked:Physical Education
Favorite colour:Blue
Favorite flower:Christmas flower
Favorite food:Noodles,ice-cream
Extracurricular Activities:cheerleading club

Birthday: June 24
Favorite subject:Physical Education
Subject disliked:None
Favorite colour:White
Favorite flower:Daisy
Favorite food:Cakes
Food disliked:Beans
Extracurricular Activities:None

Birthday: May 28
Favorite subject:Mandarin,Arts
Subject disliked:Mathematics
Favorite colour:Yellow
Favorite flower:Tulip
Favorite food:Fried rice with eggs,ice-cream
Food disliked:Capcicums
Extracurricular Activities:cheerleading club
Birthday: June 1
Favorite subject:Mathematics
Extracurricular Activities:computer club
Favorite food:Fish

Birthday: July 18

Occupation:Primary School teacher

Favorite:Chinese Chess

Favorite colour:Green

Hobby:watches film


Birthday: August 28

Occupation:Primary School teacher

Favorite colour:Blue

Favorite flower:Sunflower


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