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Roofdog Fanzine - Links

Here are a few links that we've found; hope you find them useful. There will be more added very soon.

Roofdog Home

General Links

Shockrave - Amazing games and cartoons - for free!
The Mr.Men and Little Miss Museum
Celtic Creations - Irish Artwork
Think your website is bad? Check out Worst Of The Web...
Kittymail - extremely cute email!
ARGH! Productions - strategy book/videogame production company

Music Links

New Musical Express online.
Glitterbox webpage - like the Manics meets Radiohead?
Suede homepage
iMUSIC - Bulletin boards for all bands
The Ultimate Band list - have you not been here yet?
MTV UK and Ireland
Have Another Drink - Unofficial CUBE webpage - Excellent Record Shop
Esprit - Great Music Mail Order
The Wonderwall - hundreds of artist links!
Virtual Festivals - The Festival Experience Online!
Official Sebadoh homepage
Marion - Chance web pages
Coldplay website

Comic Links

COMICON - General comics news and discussions
Slave Labour graphics site
World Famous Comics
A kick-ass Lenore page
Comic Book Resources - Links to 1884 cool comic sites!
Competition for free comics
all the Anime sites you could wish for
Dark horse comics
DC comics
Oni press
Marvel comics
Comic polls
updates on artists and writers
lists of new and upcoming releases
comic book awards almanac
History of American comics
Wahoo! (find comic stuff on the web)
Ultimate comics page