I start my culture with a concentrate that I purchased from REEFCREW and added salt water to. Once the culture was large enough, I split the culture. I kept splitting when possible so that now I have four 5g IO pails, 10 6.5g IO pails, a 20g rubbermaid container and two 26g rubbermaid garbage pails.

All containers have rigid air line tubing for turbulent air flow. The two 26g and some of the smaller containers have Mini Jet 404 mixing power heads that came from IO salt buckets some years ago.

(Wish I had more)

The 26g containers are lit with spot lights but the smaller containers are either lit with four ft fluorescent lighting sitting over four pails at a time, or they are individually lit using spiral compact fluorescent lamps in a clamp on fixture.

I use salt water at specific gravity of 1.017 made from 10 parts sodium chloride (evaporation purified water softener salt) and one part epsom salts (from Walmart)

To increase a culture volume either at start up or after harvesting, I never add more than the same volume of the starting or remaining culture. In other words, I harvest one half of the container and after cleaning I fill it with the remaining full strength nanno, fill the other half with new salt water and then fertilize.

I used to do a 1/3 concentrate to 2/3rds new water but I had more crashes than I wanted so I do it stronger now.

The fertilizer I use is f/2 from Florida Aqua Farms and you use one teaspoon of f/2 per 2.5 litres of culture water.

I clean the containers when I harvest. After removing the half I'm going to use, I transfer the remaining half to another clean pail while I clean the original. I scrub it well and then rinse well in all hot water.

When I replace the half of culture I had removed temporarily, I pour it back through a fine mesh (150 mesh works well) to take out any accumulated particles of algae and other garbage like flys and spiders that sometimes find their way into the culture.