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Find Out Why Report #5599 Is The Hottest Selling Report In The World Today!

Report 5599 is one of thousands of reports and books people are selling and using to make fortunes overnight. This 23 page report sells for $50 and is the perfect Home Based Business Product. How much would you pay for information on how you could legally save $50,000 on your taxes next year? People will pay you a lot of money if you can show them how the information they are purchasing will be worth the money they are willing to pay. Think about it! Every day you are bombarded with advertisements about "How To Lose Weight", "How To Be A Better Sales Person", "How To Relieve Stress", "How To Have A Better Sex Life". It never stops. Someone is constantly writing and selling INFORMATION on HOW TO DO SOMETHING and they are getting RICH doing so!
THERE ARE TWO THINGS THAT ARE TRUE TODAY: 1. Business on the internet is growing at a rate of about 1200% per year and 2.The political atmosphere in the world today - high taxes - government seizures - new strict rules and regulation on business - unscrupulous lawsuits- and the list goes on , has created a NEW INDUSTRY! An industry that is just beginning, and will prove to be, the fastest growing business well into the year 2000 and beyond. The PRIVACY and PROTECTION business will launch and catapult the "How-To" information on Asset Protection, Tax Reduction and Offshore Money Management into a multi-billion dollar business. As the world government's tighten their grip on their citizens, the Offshore Business Support Services will BOOM! You will see thousands of books and articles written and sold on how to deal with your government's dictatorial tax agencies and the controls they unfairly have put on their citizens. People around the world will be seeking out and buying this information because they are sick and tired of the tremendous burden their government has put on them, and they are looking for relief!
Imagine the opportunity to combine the power of Internet Marketing and Report 5599 which details exactly how to avoid taxes and government burdens (which everyone wants), it's all right here, take advantage of it!!

"Report 5599 Reveals Money-Making Secrets of the Rich"

The details are all contained in Offshore Special Report #5599. You can sell it for $50, and you keep the entire $50. Contained in this very special report is information on various financial services offered by Offshore Financial Services. Here are some of them...
    • Incorporate Offshore - Completely Private!
    • How The Rich & PoliticiansGet Even Richer Using Trusts, and You Can Do The Same!
    • Your Own Secret Offshore Mailing Address!
    • Offshore Private Checking Accounts!
    • Save Up To 50% On Printing & Mailing -- Have Your Sales Material Mailed From Jamaica!
    • Offshore Investors - Any Viable Funding Project!
    • Offshore Tax Havens - No One Knows!
    • Offshore IBC's and Trusts!
    • Offshore Phone Answering Service!Offshore Self-Liquidating Loans!
    • High Yield Offshore Investment Opportunities!
    • Offshore VISA Card - Regardless of Credit!
    • Up To 100% Financing On Residential & Commercial Property!
    • Bill Consolidation No Matter What Your Credit Is!
    • Lines Of Credit Up To $15,000 - Regardless Of Credit!
    • Secret Money - Secrecy Is A Thriving Industry!

This Report Is BLACKBALLED By MOST Government Agencies!

  • UNFAIR & DISCRIMINATORY Divorce Settlements Are Obsolete In This Report!
  • RUTHLESS Creditors Will CRINGE If They Know You Have Read This Report!
  • BLOOD SUCKING Lawyers May Go Broke By You Reading This Report!
  • HEARTLESS Tax Agencies See RED When They Read This Report!
  • SNEAKY Politicians Use The Information In This Report Everyday!
  • Your GREEDY Banker Does Not Want You To Read This Report!
  • BACKSTABBING Relatives HATE This Report!

INFORMATION Is The Hottest Selling Product In The World Today Making Emerging Entrepreneurs Millionaires Overnight!


In Report #5599, there are additional money-making opportunities. You will receive commissions and over-rides on each of the above services sold. Whether you personally sell them yourself, or you sell them to others through the initial sale of Report #5599.
 Here are a few of the additional money-making opportunities detailed in Report #5599 from which you can make over-rides...
    • You will make $50 on every Report #5599 you sell to others.
    • You can make up to $100 for every Offshore Checking Account
    • You can make up to $180 for every International Business Corporation established
    • You can make up to $2,500 for every trust set up - whether domestic or offshore
    • You can make up to $50 for every Self-liquidating Loan manual sold
    • You can make up to $100 for every Offshore Print & Mail order
    • You can make up to $200 for every Offshore VISA card established
    • You can make up to $100 for everyone who receives a $15,000 Unsecured Line of Credit through a major bank credit card.
    • You will have the opportunity to make Lifetime Residuals selling Report #5599.

Information Is The Perfect Product To Sell...


Information is easy to reproduce, easy to ship, and easy to sell (especially when you're selling a product as powerful as Special Report #5599.) The market is virtually unlimited. You can sell this report to anyone in the world. Everyone can use the information contained in Special Report #5599!
 After you order, you will also receive the Special Report #5599 Support Package. This package contains the latest, state-of-the-art techniques for marketing Special Report #5599. You will also receive the proven, professionally written and very dynamic 7-page Camera Ready Sales Letter.

Who Will Buy Special Report #5599?


    • People who are sick and tired of paying sky-high taxes!
    • People who want to be financially independent!
    • People who want complete privacy, away from government agencies, spiteful partners, vengeful spouses or hungry lawyers!
    • People who want their children to receive 100% of their inheritance!
    • People who are high audit risks!
    • People who need a better solution than bankruptcy for their money problems!
    • People who are worried about their retirement income!
    • People who want to earn a substantial income marketing this powerful information!
    • Just about everybody in the world can benefit from the powerful information in Offshore Special Report Number 5599!
This information is not accessible just anywhere. You cannot get it at your local library. This information is well worth $50. In fact, it's well worth thousands of dollars more -- by showing you how to save 100 times that amount in taxes alone! And the best part of the deal is, you get back your $50.00 investment the very first time you sell a copy of Special Report #5599!



  • You will have UNRESTRICTED use of all the techniques and formulas given to you in Report #5599. 
  • You will have UNLIMITED reprint and selling rights given to you forReport #5599
I will give you easy step by step instructions on how to set up a website exactly like mine (it will only take you 10 minutes, it's free and it's easier than you think!) I will also tell you exactly where on the internet you can advertise and promote your website for free, so you don't have to spend a penny on advertising. I've had very good response from free advertising.


You might be wondering why I would create competition for myself by telling you exactly how to do what I'm doing, the answer is simple: I am going to make money off of your efforts! As mentioned above I make money if you open an offshore account, trust, coroporation etc… Your efforts will put even more money in my pocket, and when you buy the report and start your own business, other people's efforts will make you money as well!! Also note: Compared to other reports, few people are currently selling REPORT 5599. There is alot of room in the market for new publishers of the report. So don't worry about martket saturation, this is just the beginning, THE MARKET IS GROWING EXPONENTIALLY, GET IN EARLY!!! Take my experience: I stumbled across the report on the Internet and ordered it because I thought the information it contained would be interesting and useful. When I recieved it I was so glad I ordered it, because not only am I saving thousands in tax dollars by setting up an offshore account, I'm also selling the report for $50 and have sold approximately 500 reports in only 3 months, thats $25,000!!


I can't tell you how exciting it is to sit back and get thousands of dollars of orders in your mailbox everyday for only about 2-3 hours work per week! I don't even have to leave the house I do everything over the internet and I advertise on both the Internet (I will tell you where you can advertise for free at thousands of sites) and newspapers.


My first ad was in my local newspaper's classified section, it cost me about $15 and I received 20 orders (that's $1000 off of a $12 ad), AMAZING! I've tried many different money making tecniques and small businesses and I've never seen a response like I'm getting now (think about it, after seeing my ad you took the time to visit my website right?)


Order Today Regular $50!  
Now SPECIAL SALE Price of ONLY $35


Your only cost is $35 which you will make on your first sale (You can even make a profit on your first sale if you sell it for $50 which is the regular price). You have little to risk, and a fortune to make. Here's your chance, to change your life forever.


Please follow the order directions below step by step so I can process your order as quickly as possible:


Please note that you will not have to wait for the report to be sent to you in the mail, when I receive your payment I will send you an e-mail message with a web address where you can download the report in seconds! If you would like to have access to the report quickly just send your payment to me by FEDEX or UPS and you can download the report within a few days!
Please print out the form below and fill out the required information so I can process your order immediately. Print this form out directly from your Web browser and send me only the page with the information below on it. Include your $35 US ($50 Canadian) payment (INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDERS ONLY) and mail to: MJS: Suite 1445-246 Stewart Green S.W. Calgary, Alberta Canada T3H 3C8.


I only accept INTERNATIONAL money orders (in American Dollars) for the report as it can take as much as 3-4 weeks for personal checks to clear at the bank and I'm sure that you want to start reproducing and selling the report for $50 immediately. Please make sure that you request an INTERNATIONAL money order from your post office (they are pink in colour), if you send a domestic money order I will not be able to process your order! PLEASE MAKE THE MONEY ORDER PAYABLE TO: MJS


Attention: American Residents: As I reside in Canada, please make sure that you put 46 cents postage on your envelope so that it reaches me immediately.
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