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How To Have A Pokémon Battle

First of all you choose a Nickname. Choose it right now and make sure you always use the same nickname. Now choose 3 basic Pokémon. NOT EVOLVATIONS!!! You always use the same pokémon. Why is this important? Because on the stat page we rank you using your nickname and pokémon. So if you keep changing it you are not going to be good.
STEP 1: Choose A Nickname
STEP 2: Choose 3 Basic Pokémon
Now go into the chat. Find someone to battle against an find someone to ref.
STEP 3: Find Someone To Battle
STEP 4: Find Someone To Ref
Now the battlers say what pokemon they are using. You start with 50 HP. Then take turn making moves. The ref decides the amount of HP they move takes off. The first person to 0 HP loses. Then the ref sends in the results at the bottom of the chat. You can use any move on any pokemon. No items though. You cant use postion or any items. You can switch through your 3 pokemon but you lose 10 HP when switching. The only way your HP can rise is by pokemon moves such as Sleep or Revive. You cant send in fake info. If you never really won we have a copy of the whole chat and a staff member that checks it for fake winnings. At the end of each month thier is a battle for the top 10 Pokemon Battlers. The monthly prize switches. For further Questions E-mail