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Products - CD Madness - History

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  • Version 2.5.3

    • Translated into Italian and German

  • Version 2.5.2

    • Fixed the icon after change of an active drive
    • Fixed the tooltip after auto-closure of an inactive drive
    • Fixed auto-closure window presence after use of hot key

  • Version 2.5.1

    • Changed the scheme of detection of disk presence

  • Version 2.5

    • Added auto-ejection feature
    • Added a possibility to control volume
    • Added new hot keys
    • Added drive's name to the tooltip
    • Some bugs fixed

  • Version 2.4.1

    • Fixed a problem with SHGetSpecialFolderPathA procedure
    • The program remembers the last active drive now
    • Some additions in the help file

  • Version 2.4

    • Added auto-closure feature
    • Added password protection
    • Added CD absence/presence indication
    • Added hot keys to open/close the drive
    • Added hot keys in the main menu
    • Added a possibility to choose a CD Player

  • Version 2.3

    • Effective multiple drive support
    • All CD drives are shown in the main menu instead of a submenu now
    • Removed "Auto insert notification" item

  • Version 2.2

    • Windows NT/2000 support
    • Pictures appear in Windows 95 as well as text now
    • Added help in Russian
    • New appearance
    • Better performance

  • Version 2.1.1

    • Fixed a bug causing not to show text tags in the menu on some systems
    • Fixed a problem with error message "A file comctl32.dll is missing"
    • Some other minor bugs fixed

  • Version 2.1

    • It is freeware now
    • Added install/uninstall support
    • Added a possibility to switch the language
    • Fixed open/close drive bug on some of the computers with multiple drives
    • Some other minor bugs fixed

  • Version 2.0
    The first English version.

    • Added multiple drive support
    • Added system settings access
    • Inaccessible menu item are disabled (grayed) now
    • It takes less system resources now
    • Some minor bugs fixed

  • Version 1.0
    Original release (in Russian only)

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