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One of the things I enjoy most about the the internet are the pages and pages of recipes for anything and everything ... ready to print and enjoy in minutes. Today we can share recipes with someone across the country or around the world as easily as with a next-door neighbor.....or a daughter.

Several years ago, one of my daughters called to ask me for a few favorite recipes. Instead of reading ingredients over the phone, I put the recipes online so she could easily print them. That's how "Need A Recipe?...Call Mom!" got started.

I used to call my Mother when I needed recipes too. Most of the time she didn't have to look for them in a recipe box and she rarely used a cookbook. Like all good Pennsylvania Dutch cooks of her generation, her recipes were "in her head". She could instantly tell me how she made that pie or what to add to the salad dressing, in amounts like "heaping tablespoons" or "a little more than half a cup". She knew exactly how much that was! Fortunately, I eventually translated those heaping cups and spoons to standard measurements to record and save.

Long before my Mother passed away, in July 2005, Alzheimer's Disease took away her amazing memory. She lost her ability to remember the amounts and the ingredients for all her recipes, along with the memories of every part of her life. During her last years with us, she didn't know our names and she no longer answered to "Mom" or to "Nana". Picking up the phone to call Mom was a very hard habit to break.
Like my Mother, I love to cook and bake! I collect cookbooks and have found many, many good recipes in them. Over the years my recipe box has filled up with wonderful recipes from friends, from my sister and from other relatives, but the recipes from Mom are still the ones I use most often. Her tried and true recipes are my favorites... our family favorites.

On this website you'll find many of my Mother's recipes. They are mostly old Pennsylvania Dutch recipes, her "finest" recipes!

This site also features ....

  • The best recipes from my cookbooks and recipe box.

  • Recipes from my 3 daughters. They're all good cooks and they've given me some terrific recipes too!

  • Cooking with Tara for Kids - My grandaughter, Tara, tells you where to find recipes and fun for the kids in your kitchen.

  • Recipes for the Season - Colorful, musical holiday and summer pages full of recipes and links to some of the best sites on the web for seasonal recipes and ideas.
  • These recipes and many others are here for anyone who visits to print, save and enjoy!  Plus...
    • Up-to-date links to hundreds of websites full of recipes from the brands you use everyday. Almost every brand name in the supermarket is now on the web, with page after page of wonderful recipes. Don't miss these!

    • A tribute to my Mom with a glimpse of her own very special "cookbook" plus a few pictures. There's also links to websites with help and information about Alzheimers Disease.

    • Take a break from all that surfing... Visit my little diner and enjoy some Rock n' Roll music on the jukebox.

    Click on the recipe box to go to all the recipes!

    Enjoy your visit!