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Cheerleading Myths

Yup, yup yup....we've all heard them "cheerleading isnt really a sport.." But are they true? Of course not. Sure, we've all seen the disney movies showing cheerleaders as girls who get the MVP quarterback and walk around in thier uniform and jump around at the games....but ask any cheerleader...there is a lot more to being a cheerleaders then meets the eye.

If your pretty and popular, you'll make the team.

In the past, cheerleaders were picked by the student body so it was mostly a popularity contest, but now, the cheerleading squad is normally picked by the coaches or a qualified panel of judges who know nothing about your social status.

It doesn't take much to be a cheerleader.

Unlike football players who train and play for a couple months of the year, cheerleaders practice and cheer all year, in addition to promiting school spirit, hanging posters, holding fundraisers, and organizing pep rallies.

Cheerleading isn't a real sport.

Ohhhh yeah. This is one all cheerleaders hate to hear yet hear it all the time. Cheerleading involes some of the most difficult elements involed in sports. It takes the endurance of a long distance runner, the strength of a weight lifted, the skills of a gymnast, and the grace and timing of a dancer. Yes, some states do not reconize cheerleading as a school sports, but those states are just living in the past.

Cheerleaders don't have any brains. They are all ditzy.

The average grade point average for cheerleaders in this country is 3.00 GPA. This means that a good percentage carry a much higher GPA. Every college out there scout cheerleading national competitions looking for outstanding cheerleading skills with excellent SAT scores and high GPA's. Schlorships are offered to many of these highly skilled cheerleaders. Many of these young people are chosen to participate in cheerleading events all over the world.

You can't get hurt at all cheerleading, it's not like it takes much effort.

Ding! Ding! Ding! WRONG AGAIN! Injuries caused by cheerleading are equal to if not exceed other organized sports.Paramedics covering cheerleading events at various National competitions include statements such as ("I have covered many sporting events working as a Paramedic but I never in my life would have believed the injuries these young ladies and men indure, patch themselves up and then go back out there and complete their competition. I haven't seen football players with this much stamina." Most cheerleaders continue their performance with, sprained arms, legs, fingers, ribs, black eyes and so on. Most of cheerleading atheletes perform with colds, flus, viruses and other physical ailments primarily because their team depends on them.

So, PLEASE, don't spread any rumors or stero-types about cheerleaders unless you have facts to back up your far-fetched statements and cheerleaders with time we can demolish all of the far-fetched stero-types out there. Don't let them bother you.