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Unofficial Home Page by Mazin Khalid Abdelrahman
The Fokker F50 in the destinctive Sudan Air yellow  (Picture from Airliners Worldwide)
    Tel. (24911) 74 79 53
    Fax. (24911) 747978
    Telex 22257 sudanair sd
    P.O. Box 253, Khartoum
    Dr. Elfatih Mohamed Ali
Three letter code
ICAO Callsign
Main Hub
     Khartoum International Airport (KRT)

Sudan Airways was founded in February 1946 as a subsidiary of Sudan Railways System.  Technical and operational assistance was contracted to British Company Airwork.  Africa's second oldest scheduled airline flew its first domestic route in 1947 using a fleet of four de Havilland Doves.  In November 1954, Sudan Air flew DC-3s to Cairo.  On the 8th of June 1959, a scheduled service was opened to Athens, Rome and London via Cairo flying the company's new Vickers Viscounts.  The airline set precedence in January 1962 when it became the first African carrier to fly the the Fokker-27. On November 13th of the same year, Sudan Air took delivery of its first Comet.  A giant leap for the airline and its routes map was taken in the mid seventies with the purchase and delivery of the Boeing 707 and Boeing 737-200.  In 1992 the airline modernized its fleet with the goal "glass cockpits" in mind.   Boeing 707's were replaced by Airbus A300, A310 and A320.  The A300 andA310 being the first and only wide bodied aircraft operated by the company;  although L1011's were operated in the late eighties by Royal Jordanian on behalf of Sudan Air.  The F-27 were already replaced in 1990 by the newer F-50.
Sudan Airways, like many other institutions, suffered and still is suffering from the civil war. Several Aircraft were shot down by rebel SAMs. At the time of this writing, "Assudaniah" as it is known in Arabic does not fly to the besieged cities of the south.  Recently, Sudan Airways was also banned from landing in many of its European destinations because of the US backed UN economic embargo.  The financial situation is also suspected for the recent sale of the two Fokker-50s in August 1998.

    Domestic, Mideast, North Africa, East Africa

Sudan Airways Gallery
    Images of the fleet from different sources

Fleet Data Sheet
Construction No.
Previous I.D.
Manufacture Date
Delivery Date
Power Plant
ST-ANH King Air C90 LJ-823 N580C 0079 2 PWC PT6A-21 Exec/Trainer
ST-AHT DHC Twin Otter 300 238 N5584H 0069 1081 2 PWC PT6A-27 Y19
ST-SFS Super King Air 200 BB-539 N555SK 0079 2 PWC PT6A-41 Exec/Trainer
ST-ALN Fokker 50 20157 PH-EXA 0089 0889 2 PWC PW125B Y50 sold AUG 98
ST-ALO Fokker 50 20158 PH-EXB 0089 0889 2 PWC PW125B Y50 AB-CD Jabal Marra/ sold AUG 98
ST-AFK Boeing 737-2J8C 
21169 0075 0975 2 PW JT8D-7 F10 Y94 DE-CK White Nile
ST-AFL Boeing 737-2J8C Advanced 21170 0075 0975 2 PW JT8D-7 F10 Y94 DE-CL White Nile/ deleted Jul 98
ST-AFA Boeing 707- 3J8C 20897 0074 0674 4 PW JT3D-7 F12 Y141 DE-AJ Blue Nile
ST-AFB Boeing 707- 3J8C 20898 0074 0774 4 PW JT3D-7 F12 Y141 DE-AK Blue Nile
ST-AIX Boeing 707-369C  20086 9K-ACL 0068 0184 4 PW JT3D-3B F12 Y141 DG-BF Blue Nile
F-GKTD A310-304 552 F-WWCZ 0090 1192 2 GE CF6-80C2A2 Y268 LQ-CJ
F-ODTK A300-622 252 F-WZLR 0083 0594 2 PW PW4158 F26 Y249 AJ-DM

* The above numbers were beleieved  to be accurate on  March 1999.
* Any information (visual or numeric) regarding Sudan Airways will be greatly appreciated .

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