Ponytaillane - How to make a Barbie sofa

Learn to make this sofa for your doll !

This sofa is made from styrofoam, foam board, batting and fabric. It is meant to be covered and re-covered for changes in displays. No sewing is required!

Get a brick of styrofoam, and cut side pieces and a back piece from foam board. You'll need an exacto knife to cut foam board.

Glue the sides and back to the styrofoam brick. I've used a glue gun set on "low-temp". You could probably use regular glue.

Glue some batting (the fluffy stuff that goes in the middle of quilts) to the back, seat and front of seat. I used a glue gun on this.

I've added another piece of batting to the seat and the back for more comfort.

Now, just lay your fabric on your sofa (or chair) and start tucking and pinning using straight pins. (No, this is not meant to be a toy for a child!) Just keep tucking and pinning, your may need to make some cuts in the fabric during the folding and tucking.

Your couch is done, and you can re-cover it by simply taking out the pins, removing the fabric, and covering with a new piece of fabric!!

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