Tiny Zippers

Putting a zipper into a doll garment.

This is where we start the process of putting the zipper in. If this is where you came in, you want to make your doll dress, all but the back seam. Hem the skirt, but leave a small portion of the hem open (unsewn) next to the center back line. I've updated these instructions Oct. 2002, so it shows a different dress than the one before. The technique is the same for any doll dress.

Here's the dress, all but the back seam has been done.

With the dress inside out, put the dress on a doll. Pin the back together the way you want the dress to fit. The pattern's center back line may not be at the right spot. Always check the placement of that line on every garment you make. With your fabric marking pen, mark a center back seam line where the dress is pinned together.

After marking your new center back line, remove the dress from the doll. Pin the center back seam together, making sure that you get some straight pins going through the seam line on one side and out the seam line on the other side. This will ensure that you are sewing EXACTLY on the seam line. Then sew from the bottom up- a regular seam up to the point where the zipper (garment opening) is, reinforce your seam here, then sew a basting seam the rest of the way up. (The zipper will go right on top of where the basting seam is.)

The pen is pointing to the point where the seam "stops" and the basting stitches begin and go up to the top.


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